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A Resurgence of Email

February 27, 2019 • #

Email is seeing a resurgence in an age when everyone’s been crying that email is dead. The comeback is not so much as a tool for intra-office communication (though it’s still alive and well in most organizations, Slack has overtaken email in ours), but as a publishing medium.

Newsletters have become a popular means for connecting with readers, helping publishers (and especially independent writers) cut through the noise that pervades social media channels. The constant feed of non-stop, clickbait-ish content makes it hard to cut through that waterfall with deep analysis or thoughtful writing.


The State of RSS

November 1, 2018 • #

The heyday of RSS is long behind us. Ever since the shutdown of Google Reader in 2013, the crown of feed-based content consumption has been taken by Twitter. There’s something about the heavily personalized nature of RSS that keeps me using it consistently, though, at least as often as I go to Twitter these days.

The way I have always used RSS, I tend to subscribe to “trickle” feeds — blogs of individual writers or smaller publications that don’t suffer from the compulsion to post 20 times a day. There’s a calmness with using RSS feeds that...