πŸ”— gpt-researcher 06.19.2024
πŸ”— How the Constitution Can Bring Us Together 06.12.2024
πŸ”— Circle of Life 05.06.2024
πŸ“Ί How Shellac is Made 04.18.2024
πŸ”— Hot Dogs and Process Replication 04.04.2024
β˜•οΈ Earning Knowledge 04.03.2024
πŸ”— Comfort with Contradiction 04.02.2024
β˜•οΈ Evolution Has No Goal 02.27.2024
β˜•οΈ The Two Enlightenments 02.20.2024
β˜•οΈ Screenshot Essays 02.14.2024
πŸ”— The Other Side of Complexity 02.09.2024
πŸ”— Will Milei Succeed in Argentina? 01.24.2024
β˜•οΈ The Cynefin Framework 11.30.2023
πŸ“Ί Madvillainy's Secret Ingredient 10.27.2023
πŸ”— Why Evolution Has No Goal 10.26.2023
πŸ”— Simplifying with Gall's Law 10.25.2023
πŸ”— Eliot Peper on Foundry 10.24.2023
πŸ“Ί Nick Pedulla's Roubo Workbench 10.23.2023
πŸ”— Arcology 10.20.2023
πŸ”— Economic Growth Halts Deforestation 10.19.2023
πŸ”— Quality Without a Name 10.18.2023
πŸ”— The Whole Earth Index 10.17.2023
β˜•οΈ The Techno-Optimist Manifesto, Annotated 10.16.2023
πŸ”— Teaching Iteration 10.13.2023
β˜•οΈ Outcomes Don't Look Like We Predict 10.12.2023
πŸ”— Coordination Headwinds 10.11.2023
β˜•οΈ Progress Report, August 2023 08.31.2023
β˜•οΈ Against Centralized Power 08.30.2023
β˜•οΈ Monthly Reading, August 2023 08.29.2023
πŸ”— The Vesuvius Challenge 08.28.2023
πŸ’¬ Are They Funny? 08.25.2023
β˜•οΈ Anachronistic History 08.24.2023
πŸ”— Areopagus 08.23.2023
πŸ”— L’appΓ©tit Vient en Mangeant 07.24.2023
πŸ”— Open Buildings 07.18.2023
πŸ”— How to Blow Up a Timeline 07.17.2023
πŸ“Ί Interview with Richard Rhodes, on the Making of the Atomic Bomb 05.23.2023
β˜•οΈ San Francisco 05.22.2023
πŸ”— Read later Apps with Tristan Homsi and Dan Doyon 05.19.2023
πŸ”— Seaflooding 05.18.2023
πŸ”— Pincaster 05.17.2023
πŸ”— Big Firms Need to Be Sluggish 05.16.2023
πŸ”— Protopia 05.15.2023
πŸ”— Management Consultants as Soviet Apparatchiks 05.12.2023
πŸ”— Mental Liquidity 05.11.2023
πŸ“Ί Patrick Collison and Sam Altman at Sohn 2023 05.10.2023
πŸ”— Noise Factors vs. Control Factors 05.09.2023
πŸ“Ί The Invisible Barrier Keeping Two Worlds Apart 05.08.2023
πŸ”— Ancient Greek Terms 05.05.2023
β˜•οΈ Minifying Images on the Command Line 05.04.2023
πŸ”— Ancient Myths and Open Source 05.03.2023
β˜•οΈ Process vs. Practice 05.02.2023
β˜•οΈ Media Consumption, April 2023 05.01.2023
πŸ”— Pond Brains and GPT-4 04.28.2023
β˜•οΈ Denver 04.27.2023
πŸ”— Against Safetyism 04.26.2023
πŸ”— Mycopunk Principles 04.25.2023
πŸ”— Census GPT 04.24.2023
β˜•οΈ Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity 04.21.2023
πŸ“Ί Starship Flight Test 04.20.2023
πŸ”— The Portfolio to Live Longer 04.19.2023
πŸ”— The Case for Muddling Through 04.18.2023
πŸ”— Explorations of Style Archives 04.17.2023
πŸ“Ί Starship Mission to Mars 04.14.2023
πŸ”— The Difference Between Time and Attention 04.13.2023
πŸ”— Don't Ban TikTok 04.12.2023
β˜•οΈ Substack Notes and Long vs. Short Form 04.11.2023
β˜•οΈ The Rest Is History Podcast 04.10.2023
πŸ“Ί 37signals Live Design Review 03.22.2023
β˜•οΈ On Validating Product Ideas 01.19.2023
πŸ”— Unbundling Tools for Thought 01.11.2023
πŸ”— 01.06.2023
β˜•οΈ Books of 2022 01.04.2023
β˜•οΈ Progress Report, November 2022 12.15.2022
πŸ”— Lessons from the Invention of the Thermometer 11.10.2022
πŸ”— Potluck 11.09.2022
β˜•οΈ Making Mistakes Means You're Doing Things 11.02.2022
β˜•οΈ Progress Report, October 2022 11.01.2022
πŸ”— New Metaphors 10.31.2022
πŸ“Ί Devon Zuegel on Inflation, Argentina, and Crypto 10.19.2022
πŸ”— Anti Portfolio Theory of Product 10.18.2022
πŸ”— Norway's Stad Ship Tunnel 10.17.2022
πŸ”— When to Design for Emergence 10.14.2022
πŸ”— Early ARPANET Protocols 10.13.2022
πŸ“Ί The Spread of Writing 10.12.2022
πŸ”— 10.11.2022
β˜•οΈ How to Think About Your Competitors 10.10.2022
β˜•οΈ Miter Spline Jig Design 10.07.2022
πŸ”— Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman on AI 10.06.2022
β˜•οΈ Against Recurring Meetings 10.05.2022
πŸ”— A List of Books from Marc Andreessen 10.04.2022
πŸ”— Aw, Rats 10.03.2022
β˜•οΈ Progress Report, September 2022 09.30.2022
πŸ”— Patrick Collison on Progress Studies 09.29.2022
πŸ“Ί Chris Spiek and Ryan Singer on Shape Up 09.28.2022
πŸ’¬ Popper on Great Man Theory 09.27.2022
β˜•οΈ Ian Inbound 09.26.2022
πŸ”— BigThink's Progress Issue 09.23.2022
πŸ”— Netflix Couldn't Build Netflix 09.22.2022
β˜•οΈ Portals Into Earth 09.21.2022
β˜•οΈ The Simplest Thing 09.20.2022
πŸ“Ί Steve Jobs on Ideas vs. Products 09.19.2022
β˜•οΈ On Markets, TAMs, and Agency 09.16.2022
β˜•οΈ Architecture from Every Country 09.12.2022
πŸ”— We Are As Gods 09.09.2022
πŸ”— Regionalizing Renewable Energy 09.08.2022
β˜•οΈ Designing a Dining Table 09.07.2022
β˜•οΈ Daily Journaling with Morning Pages 09.06.2022
β˜•οΈ Labor Day Sailing 09.05.2022
πŸ”— The Midwit Trap 09.02.2022
β˜•οΈ Progress Report, August 2022 09.01.2022
β˜•οΈ Stealth Objections 08.31.2022
πŸ”— Sam Hinkie's Resignation Letter 08.30.2022
β˜•οΈ Second-Order Thinking 08.29.2022
πŸ”— Maxis 1996 Annual Report 08.26.2022
πŸ”— Notes on the Design of Everyday Things 08.25.2022
πŸ”— Economies of Scale in Construction 08.24.2022
πŸ”— Megastructures 08.23.2022
β˜•οΈ Scenes, Pattern Languages,and Nested Systems 08.22.2022
πŸ”— Chaordic Organizations 08.19.2022
πŸ”— Make Consistent Coffee with Filtru 08.18.2022
β˜•οΈ The Challenge of High-Capital Startups 08.17.2022
β˜•οΈ David McCullough Dies at 89 08.16.2022
πŸ”— Map of Notable People 08.15.2022
β˜•οΈ The Kalevala and the Underworld 08.05.2022
β˜•οΈ Progress Report, July 2022 08.01.2022
β˜•οΈ Progress Report: June 2022 07.01.2022
β˜•οΈ Scans Update 06.30.2022
β˜•οΈ Building a Work Skiff 06.29.2022
πŸ”— Centralization is Inevitable 06.28.2022
β˜•οΈ Notes on Operating Well 06.27.2022
β˜•οΈ Progress Report: May 06.01.2022
πŸ“Ί Tools and Craft with Andy Matuschak 05.13.2022
πŸ”— TAM for Seed Stage is Overrated 05.12.2022
πŸ”— Learnings from Palantir 05.11.2022
πŸ”— Lines Not Dots 05.11.2022
πŸ“Ί My Analog Journal’s Jazz from Japan 05.09.2022
πŸ”— Framing and Shape Up 05.06.2022
πŸ”— A Brief History of Construction Startups 05.05.2022
πŸ”— 103 Bits of Advice from Kevin Kelly 05.04.2022
πŸ”— Brittle Authoritarianism 05.03.2022
πŸ”— Raycast 05.02.2022
β˜•οΈ Progress Report: April 05.01.2022
πŸ”— The Lure of Technocracy 04.04.2022
β˜•οΈ Office Bookshelves 03.31.2022
πŸ”— Charmstone 01.25.2022
β˜•οΈ Don't Confuse Motion With Progress 01.13.2022
β˜•οΈ Hard Edges, Soft Middle 01.02.2022
β˜•οΈ Buying the Constitution 11.18.2021
β˜•οΈ Concept-based Notes and Composable Ideas 11.12.2021
β˜•οΈ Systems and Supply Chains 11.10.2021
β˜•οΈ Progress Report: October 11.08.2021
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Readwise's Next Chapter, Reviewing Revolt of the Public, and the Helicopter State 09.17.2021
β˜•οΈ Kindle Cloud Reader 09.16.2021
πŸ”— Subterranean Trees of Magma 09.15.2021
β˜•οΈ Exapting Technologies 09.09.2021
β˜•οΈ Product-led Growth Isn't Incompatible with Sales 09.01.2021
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Robotic Bricklaying, Medici and Thiel, and Airtable, Roblox of the Enterprise 08.13.2021
β˜•οΈ Summer Trip 08.10.2021
β˜•οΈ Weekend Reading: Koestler on Awareness, 21st Century Alchemy, and the Gini Coefficient 07.30.2021
πŸ”— Small Tools for Shaping 07.29.2021
β˜•οΈ Taking Back Our User Accounts 07.28.2021
πŸ“Ί Making Cast Iron 07.27.2021
β˜•οΈ On Effectiveness vs. Efficiency 07.26.2021
πŸ”— Infinity Possibilities 07.22.2021
β˜•οΈ Elyse 6.0 07.14.2021
πŸ”— The Shopify Effect 07.07.2021
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: DeFi Yields, Cloudflare's Internet, and Standards in Logistics 07.02.2021
β˜•οΈ Ethereum Name Service 07.01.2021
β˜•οΈ Software and Entropy 06.28.2021
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: DeFi, Worldbuilding and Antifragility, and Shiny Exteriors 06.25.2021
πŸ”— Roam CSS System 06.24.2021
πŸ“Ί Constitution of Knowledge 06.22.2021
β˜•οΈ AirrSpaces 06.21.2021
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Bubbles, the Magic of Hobbies, and Legitimacy 06.18.2021
β˜•οΈ Reboot 06.17.2021
πŸ”— ETH's First Quarter, 2021 06.16.2021
β˜•οΈ M1 Mac Mini 06.15.2021
πŸ”— Visa: The Original Protocols Business 05.05.2021
πŸ“Ί DeFi Explainers 05.04.2021
β˜•οΈ On Legibility β€” In Society, Tech, Organizations, and Cities 04.06.2021
β˜•οΈ The Low-Code IKEA Effect 03.22.2021
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: American-Dream-as-a-Service, Content Marketing, the Fifth Column Reading List, and More 03.20.2021
πŸ”— Bull Cases for Starlink 03.18.2021
πŸ”— Excel Never Dies 03.17.2021
πŸ“Ί Hammock-Driven Creativity 03.02.2021
β˜•οΈ Jobs Clubhouse Does 02.23.2021
πŸ”— 02.19.2021
πŸ”— Hardcore Software 02.17.2021
πŸ“Ί Intro to Areography 02.07.2021
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Liberal Science, Roam42, and JTBD Examples 02.06.2021
πŸ”— Permission to Leap 01.28.2021
β˜•οΈ Another New House 01.25.2021
β˜•οΈ Waypoint β€”Β a Raspberry Pi GPS Tracker 01.13.2021
πŸ”— The Great Books Program 01.12.2021
πŸ“š Books of 2020 01.07.2021
β˜•οΈ 2020 Goals Review 01.02.2021
β˜•οΈ Twemex 12.28.2020
β˜•οΈ Enterprises Don't Self Serve 12.11.2020
πŸ”— Ben Thompson Interview with John Collison 12.04.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: November 12.01.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Digital Librarians, Tech Trees, and Alternate Histories in Maps 11.22.2020
β˜•οΈ Everett 3.0 11.21.2020
πŸ”— OpenStreetMap is Having a Moment 11.20.2020
β˜•οΈ Stripe's Content Strategy 11.17.2020
β˜•οΈ Fulcrum Field Day 11.09.2020
β˜•οΈ A Reverse Dunkirk 11.06.2020
β˜•οΈ How I Plan My Week with Roam 11.04.2020
πŸ“Ί The Forest Cube 11.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: October 11.01.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Non-Experts, Non-Linear Innovation, and We Were Builders 10.24.2020
πŸ”— Science: The Endless Frontier 10.21.2020
β˜•οΈ Neumann on Schumpeter on Strategy 10.20.2020
β˜•οΈ Two Years of Everyday Writing 10.19.2020
β˜•οΈ Downtime Thinking 10.19.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: American Growth, JTBD, and Dissolving the Fermi Paradox 10.17.2020
πŸ”— Notes on Inspired 10.16.2020
πŸ“Ί The 1980s Dream of a Free and Borderless Virtual World 10.15.2020
β˜•οΈ What if Government Paid Better? 10.14.2020
πŸ”— Patrick McKenzie on Working at Stripe 10.13.2020
β˜•οΈ Morning Out 10.12.2020
πŸ”— Profile of ArsΓ¨ne Wenger 10.11.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: NBA Bubble, Digital Homesteads, and Amateurs vs. Professionals 10.10.2020
β˜•οΈ Improving Sleep 10.09.2020
πŸ”— Phase Transitions 10.08.2020
πŸ“Ί Clyde Stubblefield 10.07.2020
β˜•οΈ Second and Third-Order Effects 10.06.2020
πŸ”— Why Did It Take So Long to Invent X? 10.05.2020
πŸ”— Plus Minus Next Journaling 10.04.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Collaborative Enterprise, Algorithms, and Fifth-Gen Management 10.03.2020
πŸ”— 2020 Bundles 10.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: September 2020 10.01.2020
πŸ”— The Prophet of the Revolt 09.30.2020
β˜•οΈ Res Extensa 09.29.2020
πŸ”— Intellectual Value 09.28.2020
β˜•οΈ Peter Attia on Colorectal Cancer Screening 09.27.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Guide to SaaS, a Few Rules, and Starting a Company Now 09.26.2020
πŸ”— Roam is Excel 09.25.2020
πŸ”— Personal Moats 09.24.2020
β˜•οΈ Progress is Not Automatic 09.23.2020
πŸ”— Building a State 09.22.2020
πŸ“Ί Project Natick 09.21.2020
πŸ“Ί Pogačar's Climb 09.20.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Software Builders, Scarcity, and Open Source Communities 09.19.2020
πŸ“Ί Off Grid Cabin 09.18.2020
β˜•οΈ The Antilibrary 09.17.2020
πŸ”— The Network Effects Manual 09.16.2020
πŸ”— Peak Meeting Efficiency 09.15.2020
πŸ”— Economics of the Tour de France 09.14.2020
πŸ”— Sid Meier's Memoirs 09.13.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Options Over Roadmaps, Ghost, and Spaced Repetition 09.12.2020
πŸ”— 11:59 September 10 09.11.2020
β˜•οΈ SF's Orange Sky 09.10.2020
πŸ”— Bessemer Investment Memos 09.09.2020
β˜•οΈ Readwise and Roam Research 09.08.2020
β˜•οΈ Labor Day Update 09.07.2020
πŸ”— Real Programming 09.06.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Notes Meta Layer, PG, and the Trump Era 09.05.2020
πŸ”— FME, Salesforce, BigQuery 09.04.2020
πŸ”— Fourth-Wave Consulting 09.03.2020
πŸ“Ί Tiago Learns Roam 09.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: August 2020 09.01.2020
πŸ”— The Rise and Fall of the R&D Lab 08.31.2020
β˜•οΈ Helping Instead of Selling 08.30.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: The First Corporation, Palantir, and Designing APIs 08.29.2020
β˜•οΈ Strategy for Startups 08.28.2020
β˜•οΈ What Universities Do 08.27.2020
πŸ”— BuzzFeed's Analysis of Xinjiang Camps 08.26.2020
β˜•οΈ Workflows in Fulcrum 08.25.2020
β˜•οΈ Starting Kindergarten 08.24.2020
πŸ”— Why Maps Are Civilization's Greatest Tool 08.23.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: A New Web, Future of Higher Ed, and a Ford Concept Car 08.22.2020
β˜•οΈ Churn is a Company Problem 08.21.2020
πŸ”— SEO for Startups 08.20.2020
πŸ“Ί Talk Notes: Spolsky on Pluralism 08.19.2020
πŸ”— Systems and Constraints 08.18.2020
πŸ”— Effortless Output in Roam 08.17.2020
πŸ”— The Idea-to-Reality Production Stack 08.16.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Raising Less, the Adjacent Possible, and Fire and Motion 08.15.2020
β˜•οΈ Newsletters, Bundles, and Indie Publishing 08.14.2020
πŸ”— Portal 08.13.2020
β˜•οΈ The State of Distributed Work 08.12.2020
πŸ”— Figma and Remote Work 08.11.2020
β˜•οΈ Go-to-Market Fit 08.10.2020
πŸ”— RoamThemes 08.09.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Commercial Imagery, Proof Mechanisms, and Cinematic Universes 08.08.2020
β˜•οΈ Readwise, Books, and Spaced Repetition 08.07.2020
πŸ”— How Doug Engelbart Pulled off the Mother of All Demos 08.06.2020
πŸ”— RoamStack 08.05.2020
πŸ”— The Future of Media: Movies, the Metaverse, and More 08.04.2020
β˜•οΈ Sketching and Logo Creation 08.03.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: July 08.02.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Timeful Texts, Sumo Startups, and Canva Backlinks 08.01.2020
β˜•οΈ On Legibility 07.31.2020
β˜•οΈ Measuring Productivity 07.30.2020
πŸ”— Slack and the Intercompany Communication Layer 07.29.2020
πŸ”— Science, Innovation, and Longevity 07.28.2020
β˜•οΈ Moving to Six Months 07.27.2020
πŸ”— Matthew Ball on Nintendo 07.26.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Disintermediating Media, Boring Tech, and DIY Lights 07.25.2020
πŸ“Ί Digital Organization with Roam Research 07.24.2020
πŸ”— An Oral History of Deus Ex 07.23.2020
πŸ”— Roam's Future 07.22.2020
πŸ”— A Blog that Changes Your Life 07.21.2020
β˜•οΈ Library Notes 07.20.2020
πŸ“Ί The Best of The Blue Train: 2001 L'Alpe d'Huez 07.19.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Looking Glass Politics, Enrichment, and OSM Datasets 07.18.2020
β˜•οΈ Literature Notes for the Library 07.17.2020
πŸ”— The Heaving Sea of Twitter 07.16.2020
πŸ”— 50 Best Ambient Albums 07.15.2020
β˜•οΈ Elyse 5.0 07.14.2020
β˜•οΈ Multilayered Content 07.13.2020
πŸ”— Mermaid Diagrams 07.12.2020
πŸ“Ί Weekend Reading: Quarantine Talks 07.11.2020
β˜•οΈ Book Light 07.10.2020
πŸ”— Synthetic A Priori 07.09.2020
πŸ”— Digital Gardeners 07.08.2020
β˜•οΈ A Nomenclature for Low-Code Users 07.07.2020
πŸ“Ί Wood Whisperer 07.06.2020
β˜•οΈ Fulcrum's Report Builder 07.05.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Honeycode, Imagery for Utilities, and BigQuery in Google Sheets 07.04.2020
β˜•οΈ Vacation Photos 07.03.2020
πŸ”— Will COVID Kill the Office? 07.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: June 07.01.2020
β˜•οΈ Paddleboard 06.30.2020
πŸ”— Tour de France to be Raced on Zwift in July 06.29.2020
πŸ—Ί Places: The English Channel 06.28.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Children of Men, Google Earth at 15, and Slate Star Codex is Gone 06.27.2020
β˜•οΈ Vacation 06.26.2020
🎡 Conspiravision 06.25.2020
πŸ”— Cultures That Build 06.24.2020
πŸ”— Strategy Writing 06.23.2020
β˜•οΈ Chalkboard Complete 06.22.2020
β˜•οΈ Father's Day 06.21.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: The Hour of the State, Location AI, and Mapillary Acquired 06.20.2020
πŸ“Ί Kenji's First Person Cooking 06.19.2020
πŸ”— Why Figma Wins 06.18.2020
πŸ”— Investor's Field Guide with John Collison 06.17.2020
β˜•οΈ Audiobooks and Engagement 06.16.2020
β˜•οΈ Outdoor Chalkboard 06.15.2020
πŸ”— Advantage Flywheels 06.14.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Invading Markets, Sleep Deprivation, and the Observer Effect 06.13.2020
πŸ”— Lower the Degree of Difficulty 06.12.2020
πŸ“Ί The Torch of Progress with Tyler Cowen 06.11.2020
πŸ”— Hybrid WFH is Dangerous 06.10.2020
πŸ”— Police and Road Safety 06.09.2020
πŸ”— Owning Your Internet Property 06.08.2020
πŸ“Ί War, Revolution, Socialism 06.07.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Dracones, Calendars, and Science 2.0 06.06.2020
β˜•οΈ Annotating the Web with Memex 06.05.2020
πŸ”— SSC Reviews the Origin of Consciousness 06.04.2020
β˜•οΈ Privacy with Utility 06.03.2020
β˜•οΈ Blogroll 06.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: May 2020 06.01.2020
πŸ”— The Zettelkasten Method 05.31.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Post-Truth, Knowledge, and Game Graphics 05.30.2020
β˜•οΈ Florida Beaches, 3 Months Post Lockdown 05.29.2020
β˜•οΈ A System for Publishing Evergreen Notes 05.28.2020
πŸ”— Martin Gurri on EconTalk 05.27.2020
πŸ“Ί Tank! 05.26.2020
πŸ“Ί Stalin, Putin, and the Nature of Power 05.25.2020
πŸ”— Choosing Fitness 05.24.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Two Elites, DOS in VR, and Personal Brainstorming 05.23.2020
β˜•οΈ Dithering and Podcast Subscriptions 05.22.2020
πŸ”— Progress Studies for Young Scholars 05.21.2020
πŸ“Ί The Revolt of the Public in 10 Minutes 05.20.2020
πŸ”— SSC Coronavirus Update 05.19.2020
πŸ”— Memex 05.18.2020
β˜•οΈ Roam Tools 05.17.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Optionality, Pangaea, and Regulatory Disappointment 05.16.2020
β˜•οΈ The About Page 05.15.2020
πŸ”— Did We Lock Down Some Places Too Early? 05.14.2020
πŸ”— Concepts 05.13.2020
πŸ”— LiDAR on the iPad Pro 05.12.2020
β˜•οΈ Airr 05.11.2020
β˜•οΈ Innovation and Human Nature 05.10.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: American Production, On Bikeshedding, and Glyphfinder 05.09.2020
πŸ“Ί Live Writing with Jason Fried 05.08.2020
πŸ”— The Distribution of Scientific Discoveries 05.07.2020
πŸ”— Knowledge Synthesis in Roam 05.06.2020
πŸ”— History of Hip Hop, 1982 05.05.2020
πŸ”— President Goop's Ultralight Beam Vaccine 05.04.2020
πŸ“Ί SΓΆnke Ahrens on How to Take Smart Notes 05.03.2020
🎡 Weekend Reading: Beastie Boys, Links, and Screencasting 05.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: April 2020 05.01.2020
πŸ”— The Great Reset 04.30.2020
β˜•οΈ Current Reads 04.29.2020
πŸ”— 6am Writing 04.28.2020
πŸ”— Widespread Looting 04.27.2020
β˜•οΈ Rolling Windows for Goal Tracking 04.26.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: COVID Edition 04.25.2020
πŸ“Ί Roam I and Roam E 04.24.2020
πŸ”— Funding Models for Science 04.23.2020
πŸ”— The Ideological Turing Test 04.22.2020
πŸ”— 04.21.2020
πŸ”— Building in World 2.0 04.20.2020
πŸ“Ί The Pseudonymous Economy 04.19.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: The State and the Virus, Future of Work, and Stephen Wolfram's Setup 04.18.2020
πŸ”— A Failure, But Not of Prediction 04.17.2020
πŸ”— Library JSON 04.16.2020
β˜•οΈ Getting Comfortable with Roam 04.15.2020
πŸ”— North Star Podcast: Eugene Wei 04.14.2020
β˜•οΈ Stadia 04.13.2020
πŸ”— Spatial Software for Enhancing Interactions 04.12.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Virtual Oncology, Waymo Data, and the Future of Programming 04.11.2020
πŸ”— awesome-roam 04.10.2020
β˜•οΈ Family Life in Quarantine 04.09.2020
πŸ”— Ken Burns Presents: The Gene 04.08.2020
β˜•οΈ Three Languages 04.07.2020
πŸ”— Raindrop for Bookmarks 04.06.2020
πŸ”— Practical Typography 04.05.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Readwise with Roam, WWI Naval Intelligence, and Interaction Density 04.04.2020
πŸ“Ί David Deutsch on Brexit and Error Correction 04.03.2020
πŸ”— An Empty New York City 04.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: March 04.01.2020
πŸ”— Roots of Progress on Agriculture 03.31.2020
πŸ”— Signaling as a Service 03.30.2020
πŸ“Ί Bill Gates on Coronavirus 03.29.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Cloud Services, Cities After the Virus, and Corona Care Map 03.28.2020
πŸ”— How to Make a Memex 03.27.2020
πŸ”— LessWrong Coronavirus Links Database 03.26.2020
β˜•οΈ Things That Will Change 03.25.2020
πŸ”— Face Masks: More Than You Wanted to Know 03.24.2020
πŸ”— Roam: A Tool for Metacognition 03.23.2020
πŸ“Ί Funky 4 + 1, 1980 03.23.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Chess, COVID Tracking, and Note Types 03.21.2020
πŸ”— Michele Gelfand on Tight and Loose Cultures 03.20.2020
πŸ”— Common Enemies 03.19.2020
β˜•οΈ Under Quarantine 03.18.2020
πŸ“š Hardy Boys and Microkids 03.17.2020
πŸ”— On Building Systems That Will Fail 03.16.2020
πŸ”— EconTalk Archive 03.15.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: LightSpeed, Kubernetes, and a Car-Free Market Street 03.14.2020
πŸ”— Team Objectives 03.13.2020
πŸ”— StEER Responds with Fulcrum in Nashville 03.12.2020
πŸ—Ί Places: the Tes River Basin 03.11.2020
πŸ”— Dan Wang's COVID Observations from Beijing 03.10.2020
πŸ”— Why Alto? 03.09.2020
β˜•οΈ The Idea Maze 03.08.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Tagging with Turf, Mars Panorama, and Kinds of Easy 03.07.2020
β˜•οΈ Library 2.0 03.06.2020
πŸ“Ί The UNIX System 03.05.2020
πŸ”— The Rise and Fall of Minicomputers 03.04.2020
πŸ”— The No-Code Misnomer 03.03.2020
πŸ“Ί The 5 Revolutions in Cancer Treatment 03.02.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: February 03.01.2020
πŸ“Ί Weekend Reading: Figma's Typography, Xerox Alto, and a Timeline of CoVID 02.29.2020
πŸ”— A Text Renaissance 02.28.2020
β˜•οΈ Readwise and Instapaper 02.27.2020
πŸ”— Ben Thompson's Daily Update Podcast 02.26.2020
β˜•οΈ Enter Ethernet 02.25.2020
πŸ”— Tyler Cowen on Practice 02.24.2020
πŸ”— RFC Reader 02.23.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Landgrid, Quantified Self, and Tesla Teardown 02.22.2020
πŸ”— 100 Little Ideas 02.21.2020
πŸ”— Back to the Future 02.20.2020
πŸ“Ί Inventing on Principle 02.19.2020
πŸ”— 10th Anniversary of the iPad: Perspective from the Windows Team 02.18.2020
πŸ—Ί Places: Remnants of an Ancient Lake 02.17.2020
πŸ”— How Elite Institutions Lost Their Legitimacy 02.16.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Universe Sandbox, Mapping Math, and Japanese Companies 02.15.2020
πŸ”— The Deal of the Century 02.14.2020
πŸ“Ί Innovator's Dilemma in Video 02.13.2020
β˜•οΈ Kindle Features and Areas for Improvement 02.12.2020
πŸ”— A Retrospective on the History of Work 02.11.2020
πŸ”— Laws of Tech: Commoditize Your Complements 02.10.2020
πŸ”— The Coronavirus Would Be Worse Without the Web 02.09.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Software Dependencies, Conversational AI, and the iPad at 10 02.08.2020
β˜•οΈ First Race of the Year 02.07.2020
πŸ”— Google Maps at 15 02.06.2020
πŸ“Ί The Tech History Playlist 02.05.2020
β˜•οΈ 2020 Ready: Field Data Collection with Fulcrum 02.04.2020
πŸ”— Tech in 2020: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 02.03.2020
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: January 02.02.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: The Anti Portfolio, Downlink 2, and nucoll 02.01.2020
πŸ“Ί 1917 01.31.2020
πŸ“Ί Dissolving Realities 01.30.2020
πŸ”— Improvisational Productivity 01.29.2020
πŸ”— Adam Smith, Loneliness, and the Limits of Mainstream Economics 01.28.2020
β˜•οΈ Books and Microdata 01.27.2020
πŸ”— The Roads of Planned Cities 01.26.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Enemies of Writing, Wealth, and the Superhuman Inbox 01.25.2020
πŸ”— Man-Computer Symbiosis 01.24.2020
πŸ”— Underutilized Fixed Assets 01.23.2020
β˜•οΈ Miami 01.22.2020
πŸ“Ί Daniel Kahneman on AI Podcast 01.21.2020
πŸ”— 41 Inconvenient Truths 01.20.2020
β˜•οΈ Running Map 2019 01.19.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Internet of Beefs, Company Culture, and Secular Cycles 01.18.2020
πŸ“Ί Some Reflections on Early History by J.C.R. Licklider 01.17.2020
πŸ”— How to Lose a Monopoly 01.16.2020
β˜•οΈ Podcast Rotation β€”Β January 2020 01.15.2020
πŸ”— William Gibson on Agency 01.14.2020
πŸ“Ί Wernher von Braun and the Moon Landing 01.13.2020
πŸ”— Starlink is a Very Big Deal 01.12.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Soleimani, Prosperous Universe, and Roam 01.11.2020
πŸ“Ί The Magic of Hong Kong 01.10.2020
β˜•οΈ Reading Metrics 01.09.2020
πŸ”— Novelty and Heresy 01.08.2020
πŸ”— Announcing Spatial Networks $42.5m Series A Round 01.07.2020
πŸ”— Hong Kong Is Fast Becoming an Also Ran 01.06.2020
πŸ”— Dan Wang's 2019 Letter 01.05.2020
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Bullets in Games, Lessons of History, and BrickLink 01.05.2020
πŸ”— Successful Habits Through Smoothly Ratcheting Targets 01.03.2020
β˜•οΈ 2020 Goals 01.02.2020
β˜•οΈ 2020 01.01.2020
β˜•οΈ 2019 Final Thoughts 12.31.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Summary: Books of 2019 12.30.2019
πŸ”— Extreme Aging 12.29.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Summary: Running Stats 12.28.2019
β˜•οΈ Family Vacation 12.27.2019
πŸ”— Blood is Thicker Than Water 12.26.2019
β˜•οΈ Christmas 12.25.2019
πŸ”— How To Build a Service-Based Business 12.24.2019
πŸ”— Community Impact 2019 12.23.2019
πŸ“š The Infinity Machine 12.22.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Tradeoffs, the Margins, and PR FAQs 12.21.2019
πŸ”— Protocols, Not Platforms 12.20.2019
πŸ”— Accidental Harm 12.19.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Summary: Meditation 12.18.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Summary: Wrapping Up 2019 12.17.2019
πŸ”— The Greening of the Earth 12.16.2019
πŸ”— On Atlassian's Unique Sales Model 12.15.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Neutrinos and Math, Waymo Progress, and Freemium in SaaS 12.14.2019
πŸ”— Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: Five Years Later 12.13.2019
πŸ”— The Black Swan, Reviewed by Scott Alexander 12.12.2019
β˜•οΈ 600 Miles 12.11.2019
πŸ”— Hyrum's Law 12.10.2019
β˜•οΈ AWS re:Invent 2019 12.09.2019
β˜•οΈ Kindle for Mac 12.08.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: The Worst Year to Be Alive, Chinese Sci-Fi, and Slack Networks 12.07.2019
πŸ”— Why Don't We Know More About the Subway Cost Disease? 12.06.2019
πŸ”— Beautiful News 12.05.2019
πŸ“Ί Microgravity Will Change How We Make Everything 12.04.2019
πŸ”— Continuous Discovery 12.03.2019
πŸ“š A Third Force 12.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: November 12.01.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: MiLB, Naming Public Transit, and Soccer Playing Styles 11.30.2019
πŸ”— Alfred Emoji Pack 11.29.2019
β˜•οΈ Giving Thanks in 2019 11.28.2019
πŸ”— Antifragility and Tinkering in Biology (and in Business) Flexibility Provides an Efficient Epigenetic Way to Manage Risk 11.27.2019
β˜•οΈ Family Update 11.26.2019
πŸ”— How Big is Twitter Moments? 11.25.2019
πŸ“Ί The Mother of All Demos 11.24.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Figma Multiplayer, Rice vs. Wheat, and Tuft Cells 11.23.2019
πŸ“Ί A Network of Science 11.22.2019
β˜•οΈ Everett 2.0 11.21.2019
πŸ”— Getting Paid to Change Your Mind 11.20.2019
πŸ”— The Efficiency-Destroying Magic of Tidying Up 11.19.2019
β˜•οΈ Balancing Power and Usability 11.18.2019
πŸ”— What Andrew Yang Means 11.17.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Darwinian Gastronomy, Humboldt, and Taxes 11.16.2019
πŸ”— Weaving Books Into the Web 11.15.2019
πŸ”— Why Hasn’t Open Source Software Disrupted Esri? 11.14.2019
πŸ“Ί Checking In On Tool Restoration YouTube 11.13.2019
πŸ”— Rory Sutherland on Alchemy 11.12.2019
β˜•οΈ A Twitter "bestof" List 11.11.2019
πŸ“Ί Mount Rainier Timelapse 11.10.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Blot, Hand-Drawn Visualizations, and Megafire Detection 11.09.2019
β˜•οΈ Fall All Hands 2019 11.09.2019
πŸ”— Don’t Let the Backlog Drive Your Product 11.07.2019
πŸ”— Field Data Collection with Fulcrum, Mapbox, and NetHope 11.06.2019
πŸ”— Microsoft Access: The Database Software That Won't Die 11.05.2019
πŸ”— Venkatesh Rao on Waldenponding 11.04.2019
β˜•οΈ Quotes 11.03.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Strasburg Tipping, RapiD, and TikTok Investigation 11.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: October 11.01.2019
β˜•οΈ Halloween 10.31.2019
πŸ”— How PG+E's Aging Equipment Puts California at Risk 10.30.2019
β˜•οΈ The Every Day Blog 10.29.2019
πŸ”— All of the World’s Borders by Age 10.28.2019
β˜•οΈ 13.1 10.27.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Ancient Text, StarLink, and Chinese Origins 10.26.2019
πŸ”— Memos 10.25.2019
β˜•οΈ An Island Chain 10.24.2019
πŸ”— Kevin Kwok on Social Acquisition Loops 10.23.2019
πŸ”— 10.22.2019
β˜•οΈ San Juan 10.21.2019
β˜•οΈ iPad Pro 11" Impressions 10.20.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Baseball Graphics, the Mind Illuminated, and the Crucial Century 10.19.2019
πŸ”— 10.18.2019
πŸ”— Introducing Fulcrum Views 10.17.2019
πŸ”— Why New Technology is Such a Hard Sell 10.16.2019
πŸ”— How Google Designed the Stadia Controller 10.15.2019
β˜•οΈ Book Haul, October 10.14.2019
πŸ”— What's Your Delta? 10.13.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Kipchoge's 2 Hours, Future Ballparks, and the World in Data 10.12.2019
πŸ”— Every Great Investment Hurts 10.11.2019
πŸ“Ί The History of Steel 10.10.2019
β˜•οΈ Dictating Notes with Siri 10.09.2019
πŸ”— The All Things Tech History List 10.08.2019
β˜•οΈ Second-Order Revenue 10.07.2019
πŸ”— Age of Invention 10.06.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Attention, Hill Climbing, and Enforcing Culture 10.05.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Pt. 8: Death Letter 10.04.2019
πŸ”— Bezos: A CEO Who Can Write 10.03.2019
πŸ—Ί Places: Kimbolton Region 10.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: September 10.01.2019
πŸ”— Day One Templates 09.30.2019
πŸ”— What is a Product? 09.29.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Signaling, Busyness, and Magic Ink 09.28.2019
β˜•οΈ A Quick Running Update 09.27.2019
πŸ”— Instant Stone 09.26.2019
πŸ“Ί 4 Amazing Things About Language 09.25.2019
πŸ”— What Gets Expensive, and Why? 09.24.2019
πŸ”— A Taxonomy of Moats 09.23.2019
πŸ”— Green Tech Bringing Life Back to the Sea 09.22.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Ted Chiang, Renewable Energy, and ColorBox 09.21.2019
β˜•οΈ Data as a Living Asset 09.20.2019
πŸ”— The Full Reset 09.19.2019
πŸ”— What is a Tech Company? 09.18.2019
β˜•οΈ The Magic of Recurring Revenue 09.17.2019
β˜•οΈ Progress Studies 09.16.2019
πŸ”— Tracking Fear: Measuring Safety Perceptions in Saskatoon 09.15.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Iceland, the Use of Knowledge, and CLI Search 09.14.2019
πŸ”— Readwise 09.13.2019
πŸ“Ί Russ Roberts on Key Economic Concepts for Founders 09.12.2019
β˜•οΈ 9/11 09.11.2019
β˜•οΈ Netlify for Content Management and Hosting 09.10.2019
β˜•οΈ AirPods with Apple TV 09.09.2019
πŸ“Ί Adobe Wall Hut 09.08.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Observable Edition 09.07.2019
β˜•οΈ 1Password X 09.06.2019
β˜•οΈ Search the Archives 09.05.2019
πŸ“Ί Kind of Blue 60th Anniversary 09.04.2019
πŸ”— David Deppner on Leadership, Confidence, and Humility 09.03.2019
β˜•οΈ Labor Day 09.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: August 09.01.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Intellectual Humility, Scoping, and Gboard 08.31.2019
β˜•οΈ Suncoast Developers Guild 08.30.2019
β˜•οΈ Elevate for Strava 08.29.2019
β˜•οΈ Group Training 08.28.2019
πŸ”— Does Invention Come from Deprivation or Plenty? 08.27.2019
πŸ”— Stripe Press 08.26.2019
πŸ”— Writing Shape Up 08.25.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: tracejson, Euclid, and Designing at Scale 08.24.2019
πŸ“Ί Steve Jobs in 1981 08.23.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Pt. 7: The Only Moment We Were Alone 08.22.2019
πŸ”— Learning from Disaster 08.21.2019
πŸ”— Why Complexity Sells 08.20.2019
β˜•οΈ On the Tumblr Sale 08.19.2019
πŸ”— The Arc of Collaboration 08.18.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Terrain Mesh, Designing on a Deadline, and Bookshelves 08.17.2019
πŸ’¬ Ask Fewer Questions 08.16.2019
β˜•οΈ Long Runs 08.15.2019
β˜•οΈ Shipping the Right Product 08.14.2019
πŸ”— EthicalGEO 08.13.2019
πŸ“Ί Growth, Sales, and a New Era of B2B 08.12.2019
πŸ”— The Simple Idea Behind Einstein’s Greatest Discoveries 08.11.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: nvUltra, Progress, and 08.10.2019
πŸ”— The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet 08.09.2019
πŸ—Ί Places: The Kolyma River 08.08.2019
πŸ”— The Tunnel of Samos 08.07.2019
πŸ”— Team Rubicon Leverages Fulcrum in Cyclone Idai Response 08.06.2019
πŸ“š Managerial Leverage 08.05.2019
β˜•οΈ Watts vs. Speed 08.04.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Universal Laws, Tandem, and Computers That Can See 08.03.2019
β˜•οΈ Half Marathon 08.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: July 08.01.2019
πŸ”— Interview with Keith Flaherty, MD 07.31.2019
πŸ“Ί Cairo to Cape Town on a Bike 07.30.2019
β˜•οΈ Fulcrum as a Personal Database 07.29.2019
πŸ”— Imaging the Earth, Every Day 07.28.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Brain MRI, Flash Cards, and Movie Maps 07.27.2019
β˜•οΈ Cycling Commute 07.26.2019
πŸ“Ί The Bacteria Light of the Future 07.25.2019
πŸ”— THEMOVE Podcast for the Tour 07.24.2019
β˜•οΈ Garmin fenix 5 07.23.2019
πŸ”— Why Did We Wait So Long for the Bicycle? 07.22.2019
β˜•οΈ Biking Again 07.21.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Rhythmic Breathing, Drowned Lands, and Fulcrum SSO 07.20.2019
πŸ”— MapSCII 07.19.2019
πŸ”— Caution on Bias Arguments 07.18.2019
πŸ“Ί Neuralink 07.17.2019
πŸ—Ί Places: Mergui Archipelago 07.16.2019
β˜•οΈ Tour de France 07.15.2019
β˜•οΈ Elyse 4.0 07.14.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Atlas of Moons, Opendoor and Redfin, and Thinking While Walking 07.13.2019
β˜•οΈ On Retention 07.12.2019
πŸ”— Shape Up 07.11.2019
β˜•οΈ iPadOS Beta 07.10.2019
πŸ”— Jonathan Haidt on the Righteous Mind 07.09.2019
β˜•οΈ Habits vs. Goals 07.08.2019
πŸ”— Entrepreneurs, Then and Now 07.07.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Summer Solstice, Zoom Learnings, and TeachOSM 07.06.2019
πŸ”— The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence 07.05.2019
β˜•οΈ Independence Day 07.04.2019
πŸ”— Structuring Work and Teams at Basecamp 07.03.2019
πŸ”— Have Clock, Will Travel 07.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: June 07.01.2019
πŸ”— Public Health Mapping for the Pacific Islands 06.30.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Satellites, Antilibraries, and Libra 06.29.2019
πŸ“Ί Watch Karl Friston Explain Free Energy 06.28.2019
πŸ”— Running in Circles 06.27.2019
β˜•οΈ The Reading Diet 06.26.2019
πŸ—Ί Places: Col du Galibier 06.25.2019
β˜•οΈ 18 Months Down 06.24.2019
β˜•οΈ Cape Canaveral 06.23.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Term Sheets, Customer Loyalty, and Epictetus 06.22.2019
β˜•οΈ Andy Grove on Meetings 06.21.2019
β˜•οΈ Run Shore Acres: Complete 06.20.2019
πŸ”— The Bing of Maps 06.19.2019
πŸ“š Reaching the Early Majority 06.18.2019
πŸ”— Surfing Uncertainty 06.17.2019
β˜•οΈ Father's Day 06.16.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: The Next Mapping Company, Apple on Pros, and iPadOS Workflow 06.15.2019
πŸ”— Fermat's Library 06.14.2019
πŸ”— Success and Failure 06.13.2019
β˜•οΈ Running Kit 06.12.2019
πŸ“Ί Interview with Naval Ravikant 06.11.2019
πŸ”— Open Source Game Clones 06.10.2019
πŸ”— Five Lessons from History 06.09.2019
β˜•οΈ Weekend Reading: Tissot's Indicatrix, National Park Fonts, and Starlink 06.08.2019
πŸ—Ί Places: Great Slave Lake 06.07.2019
πŸ“Ί Primitive Technology 06.06.2019
β˜•οΈ iPadOS 06.05.2019
πŸ”— Learn Git Concepts, Not Commands 06.04.2019
β˜•οΈ The Second Phase: allinspections 06.03.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Pt. 6: Montara 06.02.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Real Time Analytics, Georeferencing, and Fulcrum Code 06.01.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: May 05.31.2019
πŸ”— Assisted Tasks for OpenStreetMap 05.30.2019
β˜•οΈ Discovering QGIS 05.29.2019
πŸ”— The Danger of Oversimplification 05.28.2019
β˜•οΈ The Last Watch 05.27.2019
β˜•οΈ Neighborhood Run Progress 05.26.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Data Moats, China, and Distributed Work 05.25.2019
β˜•οΈ Gates' Law: How Progress Compounds 05.24.2019
β˜•οΈ Forming Habits 05.23.2019
πŸ—Ί Places: Lake Natron 05.22.2019
πŸ”— The Spatial Networks Shop 05.21.2019
πŸ”— A Spreadsheet Way of Knowledge 05.20.2019
β˜•οΈ Night Running 05.19.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Rays on a Run, Apple's Pivot, and Mapping Grids 05.18.2019
β˜•οΈ Tidal Resiliency 05.17.2019
β˜•οΈ Wireframing with Moqups 05.16.2019
πŸ”— Contours in OpenDroneMap 05.15.2019
β˜•οΈ Conference Finals 05.14.2019
πŸ”— Degrees of Confidence 05.13.2019
β˜•οΈ Run Shore Acres 05.12.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Product Market Fit, Stripe's 5th Hub, and Downlink 05.11.2019
πŸ—Ί Places: Richat Structure 05.10.2019
πŸ”— Exploring Cycling Data with Python, Strava and PostgreSQL 05.09.2019
πŸ“Ί Liverpool's Comeback 05.08.2019
β˜•οΈ Twitter Lists 05.07.2019
πŸ”— Mental Models: A Conversation with Shane Parrish 05.06.2019
β˜•οΈ Foxelli Headlamp 05.05.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Human Leverage, Alan Kay, and Mapping the NBA 05.04.2019
πŸ“Ί The Deadly Logistics of Everest 05.03.2019
πŸ”— New Things In New Ways, or Same Old Things In Old Ways? 05.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: April 05.01.2019
πŸ”— Rethinking the American High School 04.30.2019
πŸ”— Clip Sharing with Overcast 04.29.2019
πŸ“Ί Clippy: The Unauthorized Biography 04.28.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Gene Wolfe, Zoom, and Inside Spatial Networks 04.27.2019
πŸ”— Disney and the Future of TV 04.26.2019
β˜•οΈ Moving to Three Months 04.25.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Pt. 5: I Remember Clifford 04.24.2019
πŸ”— A Growing Geo Community: Takeaways from FOSS4G NA 2019 04.23.2019
πŸ”— Humanitarian Exchange Language 04.22.2019
πŸ”— Smartphone Technology Aids Evacuation Process in Santa Barbara County 04.21.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Running Maps, Thinking, and Remote Work 04.20.2019
β˜•οΈ NBA Playoffs 04.19.2019
β˜•οΈ Petco Park 04.18.2019
πŸ—Ί Notre Dame 04.17.2019
πŸ”— Matthew Walker on Sleep 04.16.2019
β˜•οΈ San Diego April 2019 04.15.2019
β˜•οΈ Process Not Products 04.14.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Brains and Language, Hillshading in Blender, and Antifragility 04.13.2019
πŸ“Ί 2,650' Rappel off El Capitan 04.12.2019
β˜•οΈ FOSS4G North America 2019 04.11.2019
β˜•οΈ The End of Friction 04.10.2019
πŸ”— Invisible Asymptotes 04.09.2019
β˜•οΈ Spring 2019 All Hands 04.08.2019
πŸ“š Linguistic Relativity 04.07.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: T Cells, Creating Proteins, and SNI Awards 04.06.2019
πŸ“Ί Product is Hard 04.05.2019
πŸ”— Writing Docs at Amazon 04.04.2019
πŸ”— Pre-Announcing as a Strategy 04.03.2019
β˜•οΈ The Breakthrough & Immunotherapy 04.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: March 04.01.2019
β˜•οΈ Moving 03.31.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Hurricanes, Long Games, and AirPods 03.30.2019
πŸ”— Fulcrum's New Look 03.29.2019
πŸ’¬ The Quality of Your Thoughts 03.28.2019
β˜•οΈ Entering Product Development: Geodexy 03.27.2019
πŸ”— The VP Product Role 03.26.2019
πŸ”— Counterintuitive Competitive Advantages 03.25.2019
β˜•οΈ Starting the Move 03.24.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Remote Work, Autonomous Behaviors, and AirPods 2 03.23.2019
πŸ”— Sponsoring QGIS 03.22.2019
β˜•οΈ Modes of Control 03.21.2019
πŸ”— Status as a Service 03.20.2019
β˜•οΈ A Drive Through Central Florida 03.19.2019
πŸ”— How Airtable Became a Unicorn by Reinventing the Spreadsheet 03.18.2019
πŸ“Ί David Foster Wallace Interview with Charlie Rose 03.17.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Mental Models, Git History, and Notion 03.16.2019
β˜•οΈ The New House 03.15.2019
β˜•οΈ Pinboard 03.14.2019
πŸ“Ί Intuition, Expertise, and Learning 03.13.2019
πŸ”— The Distrust of Intellectual Authority 03.12.2019
πŸ“š A Neural Chernobyl 03.11.2019
πŸ“Ί Adam Silver at the MIT Sloan Conference 03.10.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Calculator, SaaS Metrics, and System Shock 03.09.2019
πŸ“Ί How Google Sets Goals 03.08.2019
πŸ”— The Opportunity Project 03.07.2019
πŸ”— Luck, Risk, and Avoiding Losers 03.06.2019
β˜•οΈ It’s Not About the Number 03.05.2019
πŸ“Ί How Investors Think About Ideas 03.04.2019
πŸ”— The Geography of The Odyssey 03.03.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Build or Buy, OKRs, and Employee Onboarding 03.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: February 03.01.2019
πŸ”— HQ2: Understanding What Happened 02.28.2019
β˜•οΈ A Resurgence of Email 02.27.2019
πŸ”— SaaS Valuations Look Good 02.26.2019
β˜•οΈ Using Jekyll Collections to Build a Library 02.25.2019
β˜•οΈ Hamilton 02.24.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Private DNS, Opportunity, and Millennial Socialism 02.23.2019
β˜•οΈ Getting to 1,000 02.22.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Pt. 4: Blade Runner Blues 02.21.2019
πŸ“Ί Keith Rabois on This Week in Startups 02.20.2019
πŸ”— Designing with Figma 02.19.2019
πŸ”— OpenAerialMap: Open Drone Imagery for Humanitarians 02.18.2019
β˜•οΈ Wikipedia on Mobile 02.17.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Business Applications, Rays Prospects, and the Florida Panhandle 02.16.2019
πŸ”— 16 Mini Lessons for Startup Founders 02.15.2019
πŸ”— Mapbox Boundaries 02.14.2019
β˜•οΈ Flexible Education 02.13.2019
πŸ”— Desktop GIS β€” The Evergreen Topic 02.12.2019
πŸ”— Equal Earth Physical Map 02.11.2019
πŸ“š The Origin and Transmutation of Species 02.10.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: LiDAR, Auto Generated Textbooks, and Paleo Plate Tectonics 02.09.2019
πŸ—Ί Sierra Nevada, Basin and Range 02.08.2019
πŸ“Ί A Live Experiment in Disassembling a Map 02.07.2019
β˜•οΈ The Salton Sea 02.06.2019
β˜•οΈ Kicking Off SaaStr 02.05.2019
β˜•οΈ San Jose 02.04.2019
πŸ”— Cargo Cult Science 02.03.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Fulcrum in Santa Barbara, Point Clouds, Building Footprints 02.02.2019
β˜•οΈ Goal Progress: January 02.01.2019
πŸ“š Spirituality Without Religion 01.31.2019
πŸ”— Previewing SaaStr Annual 2019 01.30.2019
β˜•οΈ Starting in Product Management 01.29.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Part 3: Moanin’ 01.28.2019
β˜•οΈ A Vast Wilderness 01.27.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Shanghai, Basecamp, and DocuSaurus 01.26.2019
β˜•οΈ Meditation Progress 01.25.2019
πŸ”— A Primer on Foresight 01.24.2019
πŸ“Ί Peter Attia and Zubin Damania Conversation 01.23.2019
πŸ”— A New Approach to Understanding How Machines Think 01.22.2019
πŸ“Ί Aerial Video for Geography Nerds 01.21.2019
β˜•οΈ A Series on Learning 01.20.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: CES 2019, Tips for Satellite Imagery, and Shortcuts Archive 01.19.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Part 2: My Philosophy 01.18.2019
πŸ“Ί The Earth in 8K 01.17.2019
πŸ“š Self Reliance and Introspection 01.16.2019
πŸ”— What Did the Earth Look Like? 01.15.2019
πŸ“Ί The History of the World on One Map 01.14.2019
β˜•οΈ Cycling: A Sport for Geographers 01.13.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: RoboSat, the State of Security, and the Equal Earth Map 01.12.2019
πŸ”— The Reunion 01.11.2019
🎡 Best Songs, Part 1: Chameleon 01.10.2019
β˜•οΈ NBA Season at the Halfway Point 01.09.2019
πŸ”— The Truth About Screen Time, Tech, and Young People 01.08.2019
β˜•οΈ Building a Link Archive 01.07.2019
πŸ“Ί Restoring Antique Tools 01.06.2019
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: How We Collect Data, Mapping the Camp Fire, and Earth's Great Unconformity 01.05.2019
β˜•οΈ Fulcrum Desktop 01.04.2019
πŸ“Ί Envisioning the Next Fifty Years 01.03.2019
πŸ“Ί The Incredible Inventions of Intuitive AI 01.02.2019
β˜•οΈ 2019 01.01.2019
β˜•οΈ 2018 in Review 12.31.2018
πŸ“š Books of 2018, Part 2 12.30.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Mastery Learning, Burundi’s Capital, and SRTM 12.29.2018
πŸ“š Books of 2018, Part 1 12.28.2018
β˜•οΈ Topography, Bathymetry, Toponymy 12.27.2018
πŸ“Ί This is Water 12.26.2018
β˜•οΈ Christmas 12.25.2018
πŸ”— topoView 12.24.2018
β˜•οΈ 24 Days of QGIS 12.23.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Largest Islands, Linework, and Airline Mapping 12.22.2018
πŸ”— Kunstformen der Natur 12.21.2018
πŸ”— It's Time for a Data Bill of Rights 12.20.2018
πŸ“š A Globe of Connections 12.19.2018
πŸ“Ί The World's Most Remote Buildings 12.18.2018
πŸ“Ί China is Erasing its Border with Hong Kong 12.17.2018
β˜•οΈ Video Mapping in OpenStreetMap with Fulcrum 12.16.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Ubiquitous Computing, Versioning SQL, and Video Game Maps 12.15.2018
β˜•οΈ Kindle Highlights 12.14.2018
πŸ”— Launching Annotations 12.13.2018
β˜•οΈ The Personal Security Footprint Review 12.12.2018
πŸ“Ί Language and Progress 12.11.2018
πŸ”— Everything Breaks 12.10.2018
πŸ”— The Little Handbook for Getting Stuff Done 12.09.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Railway Logos, Meditation, and the Next Feature Fallacy 12.08.2018
β˜•οΈ A Couple Years with Todoist 12.07.2018
πŸ“Ί Dave Attell & Jeff Ross 12.06.2018
πŸ”— Rodney Brooks on Artificial Intelligence 12.05.2018
β˜•οΈ Progress Report: The Federalist Papers 12.04.2018
β˜•οΈ The Ice Box 12.03.2018
πŸ“š Quanta, Relativity, and the Nature of Reality 12.02.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Exploring Zanzibar, Singapore of the Future, & Watching Basketball 12.01.2018
πŸ”— Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth 11.30.2018
πŸ“Ί Francis Fukuyama on The Origins of Political Order 11.29.2018
πŸ“š An In Depth History of Maps 11.28.2018
πŸ”— The High Road 11.27.2018
β˜•οΈ The Library 11.26.2018
πŸ“Ί The End of the Beginning 11.25.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Typing on iPad Pro, Climate Optimism, Visualizing GeoNames 11.24.2018
πŸ”— Biology and Culture 11.23.2018
β˜•οΈ Thanksgiving 11.22.2018
β˜•οΈ Everett 1.0 11.21.2018
πŸ”— Ray Dalio on Career, Market Cycles, China Debt 11.20.2018
β˜•οΈ Bowling League 11.19.2018
β˜•οΈ Nonfiction Reading Patterns 11.18.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Wind Turbines, Bruce Sterling, and Economic Ideas 11.17.2018
β˜•οΈ Energy & Geography in 2050 11.16.2018
β˜•οΈ OpenStreetMap and TeachOSM 11.15.2018
β˜•οΈ Promoting GIS at Hunter College 11.14.2018
β˜•οΈ New York City 11.13.2018
β˜•οΈ Veterans Day 11.12.2018
β˜•οΈ Additions to the Library 11.11.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: CAC, Alexander Hamilton, and Flow 11.10.2018
β˜•οΈ Link Queueing with Shortcuts 11.09.2018
πŸ”— Orbiting the Earth, and Other Zen Videos 11.08.2018
πŸ”— Earth's Wonders Like You've Never Seen Them 11.07.2018
β˜•οΈ Elections, 2018 11.06.2018
πŸ”— Don't Think Too Hard About Your Running Form 11.05.2018
β˜•οΈ Running Update 11.04.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: AV-Human Interaction, iPad Pro, and Buying Out Investors 11.03.2018
πŸ”— Apple's New Map 11.02.2018
β˜•οΈ The State of RSS 11.01.2018
β˜•οΈ Right-sizing and Product Scoping 10.31.2018
πŸ”— Fireflies and Algorithms 10.30.2018
β˜•οΈ The Library Database 10.29.2018
β˜•οΈ Podcasts for the New NBA Season 10.28.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Forecasting, Raster CV, Free University Courses 10.27.2018
β˜•οΈ Teaching OpenStreetMap 10.26.2018
πŸ”— Building Complex Reasoning Skills Online Through Open-Ended Activities 10.25.2018
β˜•οΈ OpenDroneMap 10.24.2018
β˜•οΈ A Post Each Day 10.23.2018
β˜•οΈ Fenway Park 10.22.2018
β˜•οΈ Writing on the iPad 10.21.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Terminals, Cryptography, and Products as Functions 10.20.2018
πŸ”— Jupyter, Mathematica, and the Future of the Research Paper 10.19.2018
πŸ“Ί Angel Dust 10.18.2018
β˜•οΈ The Map Collection 10.17.2018
β˜•οΈ 2018 Reading List 10.16.2018
πŸ“Ί Gary Neville on Mourinho 10.15.2018
β˜•οΈ All Hands 2018 10.14.2018
πŸ“° Weekend Reading: Geocomputation, Customers, and Linear Growth 10.13.2018
πŸ“Ί Technique Critique 10.12.2018
β˜•οΈ A Week with the iPad 10.11.2018
β˜•οΈ Economics & Product Management 10.10.2018
πŸ“Ί The Electricity Metaphor 10.09.2018
β˜•οΈ The Missing Communication Link 10.08.2018
β˜•οΈ 9 in a Row 10.07.2018
πŸ“Ί How the Economic Machine Works 10.06.2018
β˜•οΈ Breakthrough and Follow-through 10.05.2018
β˜•οΈ High Security, High Usability 10.04.2018
β˜•οΈ A Product Origin Story 09.11.2018
β˜•οΈ The Power of the SaaS Business Model 02.01.2018
β˜•οΈ Books of 2017 12.28.2017
🎡 Recent Links: Mapping Air Quality, the Problem with Agile, Indie Jazz 11.29.2017
β˜•οΈ Spacers and Earthmen 09.18.2017
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β˜•οΈ Weekly Links: Ambient Computers, Drones, and Focus 06.01.2017
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β˜•οΈ Weekly Links: Podcast Edition 05.04.2017
β˜•οΈ Weekly Links: Cartography's Future, Interactive Maps, and Building Moats 04.27.2017
β˜•οΈ Aerial imagery with the Mavic 04.24.2017
β˜•οΈ Weekly Links: OSM on AWS, Fulcrum Editor, & Real-time Drone Maps 04.21.2017
β˜•οΈ Mavic Pro First Impressions 04.19.2017
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β˜•οΈ Weekly Links: Cars, AI Doctors, and the Mac Pro's Future 04.06.2017
β˜•οΈ Kindle 04.04.2017
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πŸ”— Voice and the uncanny valley of AI 03.14.2017
β˜•οΈ Bits & Genes 03.14.2017
πŸ’¬ Form Defining Function 02.16.2017
πŸ“š Books of 2016 01.18.2017
β˜•οΈ Canvas podcast series on Workflow 11.30.2016
πŸ”— The Box That Built the Modern World 11.29.2016
πŸ”— Simple Made Easy 07.15.2016
πŸ”— mapquery 04.20.2016
β˜•οΈ Podcast Rotation, 2016 04.19.2016
β˜•οΈ Nine Months 04.15.2016
πŸ”— JekyllConf 03.31.2016
πŸ“š Annals of the Former World 03.15.2016
β˜•οΈ Writing Workflow 12.13.2015
β˜•οΈ Amicalola and Dahlonega 12.05.2015
πŸ”— Dialing Down 11.16.2015
πŸ”— The Dream Life of Driverless Cars 11.12.2015
β˜•οΈ Task Capture with Siri & OmniFocus 11.10.2015
πŸ”— Alaska's Dalton Highway 11.07.2015
πŸ”— Awesome AWS 10.16.2015
πŸ”— Blue Note Records Discography 09.23.2015
πŸ”— The Main Road Through the Heart of Africa 09.22.2015
β˜•οΈ Touch ID and Security 09.17.2015
πŸ”— Melton + Ray on Safari, standards, and ad blocking 09.12.2015
πŸ”— musicForProgramming(); 09.11.2015
πŸ”— speedtest-cli 09.08.2015
πŸ”— The Return of NetNewsWire 09.05.2015
β˜•οΈ Addresses and Geocoding: Do New Systems Improve What We Have? 08.08.2015
πŸ”— AlaSQL 07.30.2015
πŸ“š The Craft of Baseball 07.17.2015
β˜•οΈ An Open Database of Addresses 03.27.2015
β˜•οΈ A Quick Guide for New Developers 03.18.2015
β˜•οΈ William Noel McCormick, Jr. 02.23.2015
πŸ”— Working Remotely 12.13.2014
β˜•οΈ Public Speaking 12.09.2014
β˜•οΈ The Diminishing Coast 09.29.2014
πŸ”— Door to Hell 08.18.2014
πŸ”— Time & Energy Diagram: Contexts in OmniFocus 08.14.2014
πŸ”— Overcast 07.20.2014
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β˜•οΈ A Comparison of Activity Trackers 07.16.2014
β˜•οΈ Tunisia 06.07.2014
β˜•οΈ The Three Laws of Robotics 03.07.2014
πŸ“š The Year in Books 12.21.2013
πŸ“š Upwhen and Downwhen 10.30.2013
β˜•οΈ OmniFocus 2 for iPhone 10.23.2013
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β˜•οΈ Bringing Geographic Data Into the Open with OpenStreetMap 09.09.2013
β˜•οΈ Terra 09.07.2013
🎡 America's Music 08.07.2013
β˜•οΈ Dropbox and Backups 06.13.2013
β˜•οΈ Drafts 04.16.2013
πŸ“Ί Clarity & Simplicity 03.12.2013
πŸ“Ί Reflections of a Video Game Maker 03.06.2013
β˜•οΈ Rediscovering GTD 02.06.2013
β˜•οΈ Creating New Contributors to OpenStreetMap 01.15.2013
β˜•οΈ Preparing for Kayaks and Scalloping in Weeki Wachee 08.21.2012
β˜•οΈ Underwater Flight 08.12.2012
πŸ“Ί Software Pricing and SaaS 07.23.2012
πŸ”— The Wonderful Power of Storytelling 07.16.2012
β˜•οΈ Symbola 07.13.2012
πŸ“š Spycraft 07.09.2012
β˜•οΈ Counterinsurgency, a brief history 06.19.2012
β˜•οΈ Topography & Augmented Reality 05.06.2012
πŸ”— Fantastic Universe 04.23.2012
πŸ”— We Need Product Storytellers 04.07.2012
β˜•οΈ Mapping Kabul 02.29.2012
πŸ“Ί Double Fine: Making Games 02.26.2012
β˜•οΈ WhereCampTB 02.22.2012
πŸ”— Chiba City 02.20.2012
β˜•οΈ Books of 2011 12.27.2011
β˜•οΈ Made By Hand 11.12.2011
πŸ’¬ Table Alphabeticall 10.07.2011
πŸ”— Why Arabic is terrific 08.22.2011
β˜•οΈ Dymaxion 08.19.2011
β˜•οΈ Robert Earnshaw 08.18.2011
β˜•οΈ Hipstamatistan 08.05.2011
πŸ”— China's 10,000,000 Eyes 08.03.2011
πŸ”— The Mission to Get Osama bin Laden 08.01.2011
β˜•οΈ Local Knowledge 07.29.2011
β˜•οΈ Early Washington 07.03.2011
β˜•οΈ WhereCampDC 06.23.2011
β˜•οΈ Hunting bin Laden 05.03.2011
πŸ’¬ The Modern World 03.14.2011
β˜•οΈ New York City Flyover 12.13.2010
πŸ’¬ Spending Money 11.03.2010
πŸ’¬ The 72-hour Expert 09.22.2010
πŸ”— Traverse Me 08.01.2010
πŸ—Ί Nargin Island 05.21.2010
β˜•οΈ The women of Ski Dubai 05.14.2010
β˜•οΈ Burj Khalifa 05.14.2010
β˜•οΈ Man vs. Nature 05.07.2010
β˜•οΈ Honda's U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype 05.07.2010
β˜•οΈ A Never-Ending Train 04.25.2010
β˜•οΈ StreetView on Whistler 02.11.2010
πŸ”— Calendria 02.09.2010
πŸ”— A Peek Into Netflix Queues 01.05.2010