All Hands 2018

October 14, 2018 • #

Spatial Networks is past 50 employees now, with a sizable remote group scattered all over the country. Even though we’ve grown substantially in 2018, we’ve been able to scale our processes, tools, and org chart to maintain pretty effective team dynamics and productivity. When we first started hiring remote folks back in 2010, we had nowhere near the foundation in place to have an effective distributed team.

This week is our 2nd “All Hands” of the year, where our entire remote team comes to St. Petersburg HQ for a week of teamwork, group projects, and fun camaraderie. A total of 18 people representing 11 states will be in town. These weeks are at once energizing, exciting, and exhausting — but also always a positive exercise. I’m glad to work at a place where we’ve consistently valued this investment and made the effort to keep it going as we’ve scaled.

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