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Getting Paid to Change Your Mind
The Efficiency Destroying Magic of Tidying Up
What Andrew Yang Means
Darwinian Gastronomy
The Pioneering Maps of Alexander von Humboldt
Connecting Some Dots on Taxes
Weaving Books Into the Web
Why Hasn’t Open Source Software Disrupted Esri?
Rory Sutherland on Alchemy
Handcrafted Visualization: Precision
The Satellites Hunting for Megafires
Don’t Let the Backlog Drive Your Product
Field Data Collection with Fulcrum, Mapbox, and NetHope
Microsoft Access: The Database Software That Won't Die
Venkatesh Rao on Waldenponding
How the Nationals Fixed Stephen Strasburg and Saved Their Season
Mapping Remote Roads with OpenStreetMap, RapiD, and QGIS
U.S. opens national security investigation into TikTok
How PG+E's Aging Equipment Puts California at Risk
All of the World’s Borders by Age
Restoring ancient text using deep learning: a case study on Greek epigraphy
SpaceX submits paperwork for 30,000 more Starlink satellites
The People’s Republic of China Was Born in Chains
Kevin Kwok on Social Acquisition Loops
How Many Outs? Baseball Graphics Compared
Book Review: The Mind Illuminated
The Crucial Century
Introducing Fulcrum Views
Why New Technology is Such a Hard Sell
How Google Designed the Stadia Controller
What's Your Delta?
Eliud Kipchoge Breaks 2-Hour Marathon Barrier
What the Future American Ballpark Should Look Like
Does the News Reflect What We Die From?
Every Great Investment Hurts
The All Things Tech History List
Age of Invention
To Pay Attention, the Brain Uses Filters, Not a Spotlight
Climbing the Wrong Hill
What Do Executives Do, Anyway?
Bezos: A CEO Who Can Write
Day One Templates
What is a Product?
Applause Lights
Busyness as a Proxy for Productivity
Magic Ink: Information Software and the Graphical User Interface
Instant Stone
What Gets Expensive, and Why?
A Taxonomy of Moats
Ted Chiang Uses Science to Illuminate the Human Condition
Can Renewable Energy Power the World?
Data as a Living Asset
The Full Reset
What is a Tech Company?
Tracking Fear: Measuring Safety Perceptions in Saskatoon
The Use of Knowledge in Society
fzf — a fuzzy finder for the command line
The Enigma Machine
A Bicycle Drivetrain Analyzer
Mapping the Mediterranean
David Deppner on Leadership, Confidence, and Humility
Missing the Light at the End of the Tunnel
Ten Ways to Defuse Political Arrogance
The Machine Intelligence Behind Gboard
Elevate for Strava
Does Invention Come from Deprivation or Plenty?
Stripe Press
Writing Shape Up
Byrne's Euclid
Design Tooling at Scale
Learning from Disaster
Why Complexity Sells
The Arc of Collaboration
MARTINI: Real-Time RTIN Terrain Mesh
Design on a Deadline: How Notion Pulled Itself Back from the Brink of Failure
Patrick Collison's Bookshelf
Shipping the Right Product
The Simple Idea Behind Einstein’s Greatest Discoveries
We Need a New Science of Progress
George Hotz on the Artificial Intelligence Podcast
The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet
The Tunnel of Samos
Team Rubicon Leverages Fulcrum in Cyclone Idai Response
Universal Laws of the World
Computers That Can See
Interview with Keith Flaherty, MD
Imaging the Earth, Every Day
7 Tesla MRI of a Human Brain
THEMOVE Podcast for the Tour
Why Did We Wait So Long for the Bicycle?
Everything You Need to Know About Rhythmic Breathing
Terrestrial Warfare, Drowned Lands
Fulcrum SAML SSO with Azure and Okta
Caution on Bias Arguments
The Atlas of Moons
Opendoor and Redfin Partner
Study Finds Walking Improves Creativity
Shape Up
Jonathan Haidt on the Righteous Mind
Habits vs. Goals
Entrepreneurs, Then and Now
Visualizing the Summer Solstice
5 Learnings from Zoom
Training the Next Generation of Mappers
The Thousand Brains Theory of Intelligence
Structuring Work and Teams at Basecamp
Have Clock, Will Travel
Public Health Mapping for the Pacific Islands
How to Profit in Space: A Visual Guide
The Antilibrary: Why Unread Books are the Most Important
Running in Circles
Why Customer-First Companies Ultimately Win
Opening Up the Atlassian Term Sheet
Discourses of Epictetus: Summary & Lessons
The Bing of Maps
Surfing Uncertainty
(Who will be) America's Next Big Mapping Company?
Apple is Listening
iPadOS: Initial Thoughts, Observations, and Ideas on the Future of Working on an iPad
Fermat's Library
Success and Failure
Open Source Game Clones
Five Lessons from History
Tissot's Indicatrix
National Park Typeface
Learn Git Concepts, Not Commands
Whom the Gods Would Destroy, They First Give Real-time Analytics
Georeferencing Vermont’s Historic Aerial Imagery in QGIS
Fulcrum Code Editor
Assisted Tasks for OpenStreetMap
The Danger of Oversimplification
The Empty Promise of Data Moats
China, Leverage, and Values
The Distributed Workplace
Gates' Law
The Spatial Networks Shop
A Spreadsheet Way of Knowledge
The Rays are a Surrealist's Delight
The Pivot
Mapping Gridded Data with a Voronoi Diagram
Contours in OpenDroneMap
Degrees of Confidence
How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit
Stripe's Fifth Engineering Hub is Remote
Exploring Cycling Data with Python, Strava and PostgreSQL
Mental Models: A Conversation with Shane Parrish
Finding the Point of Human Leverage
Lunch with Alan Kay: How to Become Educated Enough to Invent the Future
Kirk Goldsberry and His NBA Maps
New Things In New Ways, or Same Old Things In Old Ways?
Rethinking the American High School
Clip Sharing with Overcast
Clippy: The Unauthorized Biography
Gene Wolfe Turned Science Fiction Into High Art
Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! The Exclusive Inside Story Of The New Billionaire Behind Tech’s Hottest IPO
A Look Inside The GIS World With Anthony Quartararo, CEO Of Spatial Networks
Disney and the Future of TV
A Growing Geo Community: Takeaways from FOSS4G NA 2019
Humanitarian Exchange Language
Smartphone Technology Aids Evacuation Process in Santa Barbara County
On the Go Map
As We May Think
Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams
Matthew Walker Podcast on Sleep
Your Brain Needs 1.5 MB of Storage to Master Your Native Language
Yet Another Blender Hillshade Tutorial
10 Principles to Live an Antifragile Life
Invisible Asymptotes
T is for T Cell
Engineering Proteins in the Cloud with Python
Spatial Networks Named a Top Place to Work in Tampa Bay
Writing Docs at Amazon
Pre-Announcing as a Strategy
Hurricane Season 2017: A Coordinated Reconnaissance Effort
The Surprising Power of the Long Game
Fulcrum's New Look
The VP Product Role
Counterintuitive Competitive Advantages
Why Naval Ravikant Thinks Remote Work is the Future
Twelve Concepts in Autonomous Mobility
Apple Releasing New AirPods
Sponsoring QGIS
Status as a Service
How Airtable Became a Unicorn by Reinventing the Spreadsheet
A Latticework of Mental Models
Git History
Notion Pages
The Distrust of Intellectual Authority
Open Sourcing Windows Calculator
Metrics SaaS Companies Should Be Tracking
System Shock open source
Superpowers at Work: OKRs
The Opportunity Project
Luck, Risk, and Avoiding Losers
Meditation Streaks — It's Not About the Number
The Geography of The Odyssey
When to Build and When to Buy
7 Step Onboarding Process
re:Work OKRs from Google
HQ2: Understanding What Happened
SaaS Valuations Look Good
Announcing Privacy-First DNS
Opportunity is No More
Millennial Socialism
Designing with Figma
OpenAerialMap for Fulcrum Community
Okta Businesses at Work 2019
The Most Unhittable Arm in the Minors
Florida State Parks After Hurricane Michael
16 Mini Lessons for Startup Founders
Mapbox Enterprise Boundaries
Desktop GIS — The Evergreen Topic
Equal Earth Physical Map
Creating Low-Cost LiDAR
An Algorithm to Auto-Generate Textbooks from Wikipedia
Paleogeographic History of Plate Tectonics
Cargo Cult Science
Santa Barbara Evac with Fulcrum
Microsoft's US Building Footprints
195-Gigapixel Photo of Shanghai
How Basecamp Runs its Business
A Primer on Foresight
A New Approach to Understanding How Machines Think
CES 2019: A Show Report
Satellite Image Guide for Journalists and Media
MacStories Shortcuts Archive
What Did the Earth Look Like?
Buildings from OpenAerialMap with RoboSat
The State of Software Security in 2019
The Equal Earth Map
The Reunion
The Truth About Screen Time, Tech, and Young People
How We Get Data Collected in the Field Ready for Use
Mapping the Camp Fire with Drones
Earth is Missing a Huge Part of its Crust
Mastery Learning and Creative Tasks
Burundi Moves Capital from Bujumbura to Gitega
SRTM Tile Grabber
GEBCO Bathymetry Data
USGS National Map Downloader
USGS topoView
100 Largest Islands Map
On Airline Mapping
Project Linework
Kunstformen der Natur
It's Time for a Data Bill of Rights
Bret Victor interview on Track Changes
Git Your SQL Together
The Brilliance of Video Game Maps
Fulcrum Photo Annotations
Everything Breaks
The Little Handbook for Getting Stuff Done
The Next Feature Fallacy
Why I'm Into Meditation
Reagan Ray's Railway Logos
Rodney Brooks on Artificial Intelligence
Exploring Zanzibar with Mapillary
City of the Future: Singapore
How to Watch Basketball
Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth
The High Road
iPad Diaries: Typing on the iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard Folio
In Defense of Climate Optimism
Observations from 11 Million Place Names
Biology and Culture
Ray Dalio on Market Cycles and China Debt
US Wind Turbine Database
The Clash of Economic Ideas
What is Customer Acquisition Cost?
The Legacy of Alexander Hamilton
Microsoft Flow
Orbiting the Earth, and Other Zen Videos
Earth's Wonders Like You've Never Seen Them
Don't Think Too Hard About Your Running Form
How Self-Driving Cars Could Communicate with You
iPad Pro Event
Buffer Buying Out Investors
Apple's New Map
Fireflies and Algorithms
Forecasting at Uber
600 Free Online Courses
Building Complex Reasoning Skills Online Through Open-Ended Activities
Learning from Terminals to Design Future User Interfaces
Quantum Computers and Cryptography
Products Are Functions
Jupyter, Mathematica, and the Future of the Research Paper
Geocomputation with R
Listening to Customers at Scale
Linear Growth Companies