Interview with Richard Rhodes, on the Making of the Atomic Bomb

May 23, 2023 • #

This is a phenomenal interview with Richard Rhodes, author of the legendary The Making of the Atomic Bomb, an expansive history of the Manhattan Project and the development of nuclear weapons technology.

Dwarkesh Shah’s show The Lunar Society is generally excellent and highly recommended. Just listen to how long he lets Rhodes answer and expound on questions without interruption. These are my favorite types of long-form interviews.

San Francisco

May 22, 2023 • #

I’m out in San Francisco for a few days. We’ve got typical SF weather — big change from the Florida summer suncoast. Got a few meetings to hit, but we’ve got a sailing trip set for Tuesday evening. Hope the weather stays steady.

San Francisco

Patrick Collison and Sam Altman at Sohn 2023

May 10, 2023 • #

An interesting discussion between Patrick Collison and OpenAI founder Sam Altman on a predictably fascinating assortment of subjects. AI developments, stagnation, long-term bets, and what’s preventing us from having more founders.

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