Ethereum Name Service

July 1, 2021 • #

I’ve bought a couple of domains on ENS recently, which is an a decentralized, on-chain version of DNS running on Ethereum.

Go to and connect your ETH wallet, then you can search for available names just like you would on a normal domain registrar. With ENS, your domain name is essentially an NFT, with addresses and TXT records nested underneath.

I have no immediate need for this, other than the convenient reverse lookup to your eth address, which is neat. But if you believe in the future of web3 and Ethereum, it’s a good time to invest in the internet real estate of the next generation.

If it continues to be successful, ENS will disintermediate registrars from domain name purchases. Auctions to buy names from existing holders don’t need to be black box offers and escrowed negotiations; we could have auctions on OpenSea for popular addresses.

Topics:   Ethereum   web3   ENS