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Buying the Constitution

November 18, 2021 • #

A group of crypto folks online are congregating with intent to bid on a first edition printing of the US Constitution in an auction.

From the FAQ:

We’re buying the US Constitution.

For the first time in thirty-three years, one of thirteen surviving copies of the Official Edition from the Constitutional Convention will be publicly auctioned by Sotheby’s. It is the only copy that is still owned by private collectors. The proceeds from the auction will be given to a charity that has been established by the current owner.

ConstitutionDAO is a DAO that is pooling...

Taking Back Our User Accounts

July 28, 2021 • #

Identity management on the internet has been broken for years. We all have 800 distinct logins to different services, registered to different emails with different passwords. Plus your personal data exists in a morass of data silos, each housing a different slice of your personal information, each under a different ToS, subject to differing privacy regulations, and ultimately not owned by you. You sign up for a user account on a service in order for it to identify you uniquely, providing functionality tailored to you. Service providers getting custody of your personal data is a side-effect that’s become an accepted...

Weekend Reading: DeFi Yields, Cloudflare's Internet, and Standards in Logistics

July 2, 2021 • #

📈 How Are DeFi Yields So High?

This is a great primer on yield farming in DeFi from Nat Eliason. Seeing the insane 1000% APYs on some DeFi products, you have to wonder if it’s a Ponzi scheme (hint: sometimes it probably is). But there are plenty of legitimate and relatively reliable projects growing right now that look fascinating for the movement.

☁️ Cloudflare’s Intelligent Design

Cloudflare has such an interesting approach to building the “pipes and wires” of the internet, a...

Ethereum Name Service

July 1, 2021 • #

I’ve bought a couple of domains on ENS recently, which is an a decentralized, on-chain version of DNS running on Ethereum.

Go to and connect your ETH wallet, then you can search for available names just like you would on a normal domain registrar. With ENS, your domain name is essentially an NFT, with addresses and TXT records nested underneath.

I have no immediate need for this, other than the convenient reverse lookup to your eth address, which is neat. But if you believe in the future of web3 and Ethereum,...