Weekend Reading: Guide to SaaS, a Few Rules, and Starting a Company Now

September 26, 2020 • #

📕 Stripe’s Guide to SaaS

Stripe Atlas has a great batch of guides on various parts of company-building.

📜 A Few Rules

Some great random clippings from Morgan Housel. I’m currently reading his latest, The Psychology of Money, which is great so far.

📈 The 10x Advantage of Starting a Company Now

In many markets during COVID, startups have a host of advantages over their incumbent competitors:

Consequently, growth and innovation efforts are quickly deprioritized or even fully abandoned. Incumbents place their primary focus on stopping the decline of existing revenue streams rather than creating new ones. This mindset slows them down even more during crises and tethers them to mature and declining business models.

That’s why right now, startups have even more room to maneuver in and around (and even beyond) their bigger competitors than in “good” times. Startups can try more things without attracting a response or even being noticed. It also gives Founders time to iterate and test more, granting more runway for one of the holy grails of startups: product-market fit.

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