Goal Progress: May

May 31, 2019 • #

For the second half of the month I got into a good rhythm with every-other-day running. I was even able to push almost 5 miles beyond the pace target to end the month. I started running with the kids again in the jogging stroller, which I haven’t done really at all since Elyse was little (2015-16). It’s good because it gets them out of the house, adds some cargo to push for additional workout, and gives Colette a nice break if I take them when I get home at the end of the day.

Activity Progress Pace Goal Plus-Minus
Running 211.61 miles 206.85 miles 500 miles +4.76
Meditation 1595 minutes 1510 minutes 3650 minutes +85
Reading 22 books 18.62 books 50 books +3.38

I was able to do more of what I’d talked about doing in previous months with more frequent, shorter runs rather than having to force the longer ones to stay on pace. Consistency is everything when working on a long-term goal like this. The last 8 sessions have been in the 3-4 mile range, which I feel works well right now — a good balance of exercise without taking too much time, so I can still squeeze them in later in the evening.

With my reading I’ve got too many threads open at the moment. I’m bad about getting 5 or 6 books in progress simultaneously, so sometimes it takes me longer to finish them up. This month I read Matthew Walker’s excellent Why We Sleep1, which is an excellent scientific deep-dive into how sleep works and all of the interplays between sleep quality and other health factors. I’m looking forward to writing up something longer about it here sometime in the next few weeks when I have time.

June has quite a bit lined up both personally and professionally, but I don’t see anything in the way of plowing through on the goals all month.

  1. Check out the 3-part interview series he did with Peter Attia for a good summary of much of his book’s material. 

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