Goal Progress: April

May 1, 2019 • #

I was able to stay on track this past month toward my 2019 goals.

Activity Progress Pace Goal Plus-Minus
Running 164.51 miles 164.38 miles 500 miles +0.13
Meditation 1285 minutes 1200 minutes 3650 minutes +85
Reading 19 books 14.79 books 50 books +4.21

We’re still in the throes of prepping our old house for sale, so between that and work at the new house, that’s occupying a good bit of time. I have a goal to have the house listed in the next couple of weeks, so that’ll be a relief to have successfully behind us. With our All Hands early in the month and a trip to San Diego right after, staying the course was a challenge to make the time. I mentioned last month wanting to do a higher volume of shorter runs. I did a bit better, with 11 runs instead of 9. With a more regular schedule I’m sure I could improve further.

Meditation practice has been steady. I’d still like to work in longer sessions, but I feel the only way I’ll get that done is to wake up early and get started before anyone’s up. I’ve tried 20 minute sessions in the evening once or twice, but by then I’m too tired to focus properly and I end up dozing off. Practicing early in the morning will be a challenge, but I’ll give it a shot a few times this month if I can and see how that goes.

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