Places: Kimbolton Region

October 2, 2019 • #

I first saw this through Google’s Earth View a few months back. It’s a coastal area of the Kimberly Region in Western Australia.


Bands of low-lying mountain ranges run from southeast to northwest, jutting out into the Timor Sea. The striated bands of folded rock formations create low-elevation channels, and where these meet the ocean you get fjord-like features slicing into the coastline. It reminds me of The Vale from the map of Westeros.

Along the coast you get features like the Horizontal Falls: a bottleneck at the mouth of a creek where creek outflows and high tidal waters back up, and when the tide falls rapidly, the onrush of draining water can’t get out fast enough.

It’s a beautiful shot of a wild and remote part of northwestern Australia.

Image Credit: Mapbox Satellite

Kimbolton Region :: 16°28' S, 123°48' E

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