Reflections of a Video Game Maker

March 6, 2013 • #

If you enjoy hearing stories from visionaries, listen to this talk that Gabe Newell (founder of Valve) gave at UT Austin:

In it he discusses economies within Steam, where Steam is headed as a central core of APIs for game publishing, and a good bit about how the company operates.

“It seems fairly obvious that the Internet does a better job of organizing a bunch of individuals than General Motors or Sears does. Corporations [with hierarchies] tend to be pre-internet ways of organizing production.”

I love to hear stories about really smart people doing work and making things. Gabe definitely fits into that category: He left Microsoft in their crazy lucrative years during the mid-90s to found a video game company with his own money, with a flat structure, and no job titles that now generates hundreds of millions in revenue.

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