Goal Summary: Running Stats

December 28, 2019 • #

Continuing my summaries from a couple weeks ago, this post covers some statistics on running throughout 2019.

I track all of my runs with a Garmin fenix 5 watch synced to Strava, but also have been logging each one to a spreadsheet as I complete them. That way I’ve got an easy dataset to work with for analyzing and charting the results.

Here’s the overall breakdown of stats for the year:

Stat Total
Total Distance 615.55 miles
Total Duration 86 hours, 32 minutes
Total Activities 148
Average Distance 4.16 miles
Average Pace 8:26 minute/mile
Average HR 156 bpm
Total Calories 66,431 cal
Best Month September (88 miles)
Worst Month March (39.6 miles)

Miles by month

September was my big training month for the October half marathon (August was decent too, at about 70 miles).

2019 was my best running year by a wide margin. I got the fitness up to the point where 5-6 milers are pretty easy (when pacing), and the half proved that I can go even farther with a little preparation.

I’ve got new marks I’ll be aiming for in 2020, but probably won’t have time to post about the plan until into January a bit. Next up will be the map showing the year’s running coverage.

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