Weekend Reading: Geocomputation, Customers, and Linear Growth

October 13, 2018 • #

🎛 Geocomputation with R

I’ve had R on my list for a long time to dig deeper with. A while back I set myself up with RStudio and went through some DataCamp stuff. This online book seems like excellent material in how to apply R to geostatistics.

☎️ Listening to Customers At Scale

Given where we are with Fulcrum in the product lifecycle, this rang very familiar on the struggles with how to listen to customers effectively, who to listen to, and how to absorb or deflect ideas. Once you get past product-market fit, the same tight connection between your customers and product team becomes impossible. Glad to hear we aren’t alone in our struggles here.

📈 Linear Growth Companies

This piece from David Heinemeier Hansson is a good reminder that steady, linear growth is still great performance for a business. Every business puts itself in a different situation, and certainly many are in debt or investment positions that linear growth isn’t good enough for. Even so, consistent growth in the positive direction should always be commended.

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