Weekend Reading: Options Over Roadmaps, Ghost, and Spaced Repetition

September 12, 2020 • #

🛣 Options, Not Roadmaps

An option is something you can do but don’t have to do. All our product ideas are exactly that: options we may exercise in some future cycle—or never.

Without a roadmap, without a stated plan, we can completely change course without paying a penalty. We don’t set any expectations internally or externally that these things are actually going to happen.

I know Basecamp is always the industry outlier with these things, but the thoughts on roadmaps are probably more true for many companies in reality than we’d all like to admit. We tend to look at things in a sort of hybrid way — not a fully baked roadmap with timelines, but a general list of roughly-sorted candidates that gain more and more momentum as we shape them out and prioritize. Every product team has a list of ideas 10x+ longer than anything they can build, so optionality is required to make the right decisions.

🚁 Anduril Ghost 4

Defense tech startup Anduril’s latest hardware, the Ghost UAV system. A pretty impressive and unique modular design for an unmanned platform.

🗂 Guide to Roam’s Spaced Repetition

Roam launched an interesting new feature (Δ) for setting up spaced repetition flows in your graph.

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