Elyse 5.0

July 14, 2020 • #

Today is Elyse’s big 5.0!

Elyse 5.0

It’s hard during quarantine times to figure out a fun thing to do. All of your typical birthday venues are either closed or made “unfun” with rules and headcount quotas. Plus the outdoor activities in Florida July are rough since we’ve been in the upper 90s here the last couple weeks.

We decided that since the new St. Pete Pier opened last week that we’d check that out this morning before the afternoon heat started.

They did a fantastic job building a modern destination spot convenient to downtown — a huge improvement over the old, dated inverted pyramid built in the 70s.

The Pier

I could see making it a new common hangout with the kids, since there’s a beach, splash pad, playground, and plenty of outdoor common space for picnicking and hanging out.

Happy Birthday Elyse

Happy birthday, Elyse!

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