Elyse 6.0

July 14, 2021 • #

Well a lot has happened since Elyse’s 5.0 mark!

That birthday happened in the middle of the pandemic while we were still (mostly) isolated, she started kindergarten remotely, switched to going in-person, then switched schools at spring break, learned how to ride a bike, broke her arm and had a cast for a month, plus all the other changes kids go through at that age.

Elyse 6.0

Since we moved in March she’s been loving the new school with more classmates in the local neighborhood. Hopefully for the 2021-22 school year it’ll be even closer to fully back to normal again. We’re gradually finding our local attractions in the new locale, but we’ve also got a lot more space to make the house itself a fun hangout for the summer.

On to first grade!

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