Weekend Reading: Strasburg Tipping, RapiD, and TikTok Investigation

November 2, 2019 • #

⚾️ How the Nationals Fixed Stephen Strasburg and Saved Their Season

Strasburg tipping his pitches almost ended the Nats’ run:

He remembered the game Strasburg pitched in Arizona on August 3. The Diamondbacks pounded Strasburg for nine runs in less than five innings. The D-Backs knew what was coming. The Nationals broke down the tape and discovered Strasburg was tipping his pitches by the way he reached into his glove to grip the baseball near his waist, just before he raised his hands to the set position.

🗺 Mapping Remote Roads with OpenStreetMap, RapiD, and QGIS

An annotated version of Mike Migurski’s workshop on RapiD and Disaster Maps from the NetHope Summit. Facebook’s work on this stuff looks primed to change the way everyone is doing OpenStreetMap contribution.

📱 U.S. opens national security investigation into TikTok

I’ve never used TikTok, but it’s been a fascination tech story to follow its insane growth over the last 8-12 months. With the current geopolitical climate and the fact that it’s owned by Chinese owner ByteDance, it seemed like this CFIUS investigation was inevitable.

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