Running Map 2019

January 19, 2020 • #

I finally got around to updating my local tracks database with all of the 2019 Strava data. I’ve been lax about updating it since I completed the Shore Acres project in the summer. Here are some fun snapshots:

St. Pete running coverage

This one shows how much of the St. Pete area I covered. Almost finished Snell Isle, as well, but missed a few segments. I might polish that off this year then work on the downtown area.

Half marathon Fort DeSoto

This was my first half marathon, and only time running out on Fort DeSoto. Great spot for this. Might try to do some of it for fun during the winter while it’s cooler. It was about 78°F at 7am when the race started that day.

Lots of runs on Venetian Isles

This is what my common running routes look like. This spot out at the end of Venetian Isles near my neighborhood is one of my normal routes. Looks wild to see how many times I’ve been on that sidewalk.

San Diego running

When I was out at FOSS4G in San Diego in the spring I got in a couple of long runs. The Mission Bay area is beautiful.

Just getting started on 2020, about 32 miles in so far. I’m a little behind schedule on my pace for 650 miles, but should be able to catch up and keep it going.

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