Podcast Rotation — January 2020

January 15, 2020 • #

I’ve fallen off listening to so many different shows as I have in the past. During last year I found more enjoyment in audiobooks for much of my listening. On the podcast front, I spent more time diving into the archives of a handful of shows than in keeping up with new ones. Here are a handful of those that are must-listens for me lately.

The Fifth Column

I discovered The Fifth Column a little over a year ago after following the crew on Twitter for a while. It’s a (now weekly) discussion show on journalism, politics, culture, history, foreign policy, and whatever else is of interest in the news. It’s the only podcast I currently support on Patreon, I enjoy it that much.


I’ve linked numerous times to episodes of EconTalk over the past couple years, easily my favorite all around. Host Russ Roberts is a phenomenal interviewer that to me brings a great combination of interesting questions and his own perspective. Over the last couple of years of the archives, the show has branched out pretty far from its original core topic of economics, which is an excellent thing. Check out the recent episodes with Rory Sutherland, Gerd Gigerenzer, or Venkatesh Rao.

Conversations with Tyler

Tyler Cowen is one of the most thought-provoking thinkers. He’s a prolific author of books, writes one of the best websites at Marginal Revolution, and puts on this interview show that’s always got a cast of interesting guests. No one can argue contrarian viewpoints like Tyler.

The Portal

The eclectic series of guests that Eric Weinstein includes in his podcast is top notch. I’m glad he launched his own show so he has a platform to roam into the weird territories he likes to explore, with the likes of Peter Thiel, Werner Herzog, and (my favorite so far) Timur Kuran.

The Remnant

This is my only pure politics show, but host Jonah Goldberg has many interests in political philosophy, history, culture, and other things that go deeper than just another politics show full of hot takes.

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