Bowling League

November 19, 2018 • #

A few months back we joined a bowling league here in St. Pete. Our four-person crew consists of me, Colette, Zac, and Cookie. We’re now in our second season playing with the same set of teams. It’s fun and as far as other organized recreational sports we’ve played, it’s more relaxing and consistent. Soccer certainly was a lot more intense and sometimes less fun.

We’re now nearing the end of a second season. I’ve been tracking my scores on each game, each week. There are three games per session. I feel like I’m getting a bit more comfortable and consisent, but let’s investigate the trends:

Week 12 bowling scores

At first glance I can see my week by week aggregate increasing, though slightly. This feels accurate because when bowling, I’m very inconsistent frame to frame. Also I seem to roll my best in the second games. I start low, go high, then tail off a bit in the third game (the beer pitchers may contribute to this performance hit). My lifetime average is now at 135, which is honestly better than I thought I’d do as a novice.

:bowling: Averages Last 5 Weeks Rank
Overall 135.7 140.7  
Game 1s 122 127 Low
Game 2s 149 150 High
Game 3s 136 145 Mid

We’re still rolling with all house equipment, but there are plans to get our own balls before the next season starts. Even with better equipment I need to work on my form and consistency.

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