Meditation Progress

January 25, 2019 • #

Since late last year I’ve been keeping up with practicing every day. Mostly 10 minute sessions, but recently I’ve been upping that to 15.

50 days meditation

One important thing I need to work in is how to fit it more consistently into the schedule. I don’t have a set time when I practice; sometimes its before work in the morning, but sometimes also late at night (when falling asleep is a hard competitor). Comfort level is rising with each session. Mindfulness doesn’t feel natural, so the repetition at least makes that part go away a bit.

With the breath focus I’m having the common struggle of mind-wandering while trying to focus attention on breathing. I picked up a book called The Mind Illuminated which I’ve heard great things about as a guide to all phases of the process, but especially to help break through this particular early hurdle.

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