Weekend Reading: Summer Solstice, Zoom Learnings, and TeachOSM

July 6, 2019 • #

📺 5 Learnings from Zoom

Zoom is one of those admirable SaaS companies built on solid product and amazing execution. I love this — not relying on anything sexy or super inventive, just solving a known problem better than everyone else. My favorite bit is their retention; it proves what can be done even in SMB with lock-tight product market fit:

Zoom has 140% net revenue retention. This is similar to RingCentral from our last analysis and other leaders. Zoom also shows that yes, this can be done with smaller customers too, not just enterprises.

☀️ Visualizing the Summer Solstice

This is a great quick animation showing the sun’s path across the globe during the summer solstice. It shows very clearly why, as you move toward northern latitudes in the summer you get such long days, with perpetual sunlight above the Arctic Circle.

🧭 Training the Next Generation of Mappers

The TeachOSM crew has been doing grest work training teachers how to use OpenStreetMap in their classrooms. Geographic education is critical, especially in primary education, to form a baseline understanding of the world. I got to help out at one of these workshops last year and the outcomes were truly impressive.

Since 2016, TeachOSM has trained ~350 teachers and vocational educators in open mapping techniques. So giving open mapping workshops for teachers has become a staple of our programming over the last few years. In this post, I briefly outline what we do in our workshops, why it is vital work, and how you can help us to make OSM available in geography classes everywhere.

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