Everett 1.0

November 21, 2018 • #

Everett is 1 year old today.

Everett age 1

The boy is a madman. Walks all over the place now like he’s been doing it for months (it’s only been about 2 weeks), gets into everything. It couldn’t be a better example of how different kids can be from one another. Elyse was so tame, careful, and clean through the first year. Everett climbs anything, jumps off of things already, and is constantly all over the house picking up whatever isn’t nailed down. Elyse walked at around 10 months, and Everett 11. Though he’s crawled since about 8 months very well and Elyse never even attempted that.

Other things he does:

  • Sleeps through the night in his own room, since about 6-7 months
  • Eats everything we eat (except dairy due to intolerance)
  • Uses a fork on his own
  • Always wants to drink out of a cup
  • Goes up stairs and down slides
  • Climbs all over, including on and off the bed

Not yet 🤞🏼:

  • Climbing out of his bed

He’s such a happy kid. Even when he wakes us up at the crack of dawn, he’s already shot out of a cannon, smiling and ready to play. He loves other people, dogs, and other kids. He and his sister get into it all the time, usually in a positive way. Now that he’s so mobile, he can’t stay out of her hair.

Happy birthday, “brother”!

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