Weekend Reading: Virtual Oncology, Waymo Data, and the Future of Programming

April 11, 2020 • #

🧪 Virtual Oncology

A discussion among physicians on how oncology is changing and will likely continue to evolve in the wake of the coronavirus. Testing, chemo, and other treatment steps currently considered to be standards of care will change, and things like telemedicine will change what options doctors have in working with patients.

I’ve got a set of scans and a follow up this week, so will see how Mayo Clinic has adapted their approach in response to this crisis.

🚙 Using automated data augmentation to advance our Waymo Driver

Neat technical paper showing how Waymo and the Google Brain team are using data augmentation to expand training data volume.

🔮 The Future of Programming

From 2013, a typically genius talk from Bret Victor. Everyone should aspire to giving “evergreen” talks like this.