Weekend Reading: Railway Logos, Meditation, and the Next Feature Fallacy

December 8, 2018 • #

🔩 The Next Feature Fallacy

The vast majority of features won’t bend the curve. These metrics are terrible, and the Next Feature Fallacy strikes because it’s easy to build new features that don’t target the important parts.

This certainly rings true for me from experience over the years. It turns out that a single feature itself is far from the main problem halting people part way into on-boarding with a product. This falls into the category of focusing on what we know how to do already, rather than what’s important to do. What’s important isn’t necessarily something you’ll know how to approach without hard research and effort.

🧘🏻‍♂️ Why I’m Into Meditation

I’ve been giving Headspace a try to get into a meditation routine over the last couple months. So many people I respect speak highly of building a meditation practice, and it’s pretty easy to do. Focusing for 10 minutes on a single mundane thing (your breathing) is shockingly hard to do. About 40 or 50 10-minute sessions in, I’m finally getting more comfortable with it. I always feel reenergized after.

🚂 Reagan Ray’s Railway Logos

These are all fantastic. I even see my favorite hat represented in there.

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