Weekend Reading: A New Web, Future of Higher Ed, and a Ford Concept Car

August 22, 2020 • #

🔗 A Clean Start for the Web

Tom MacWright with some ideas for cleaning up ever-creeping morass of web technology:

I think this combination would bring speed back, in a huge way. You could get a page on the screen in a fraction of the time of the web. The memory consumption could be tiny. It would be incredibly accessible, by default. You could make great-looking default stylesheets and share alternative user stylesheets. With dramatically limited scope, you could port it to all kinds of devices.

And, maybe most importantly, what would website editing tools look like? They could be way simpler.

🎓 Michael Munger on the Future of Higher Education

Great discussion on this episode of EconTalk with Michael Munger about the possibilities post-COVID of “unbundling” the university a decentralized set of separate services that could combine to give serve the same needs that traditional universities do.

🚗 Ford 021C Concept Car

I saw this through a tweet somewhere, but what a great work of design. Very George Jetson.

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