Conference Finals

May 14, 2019 • #

The conference finals are set — Golden State and Portland in the west, Milwaukee and Toronto in the east. A great couple of matchups both likely to go deep. At halftime right now in Oakland, Portland’s keeping it close.

The east series will be a fun one, with Giannis and Kawhi going at it, each with spectacular playoffs going so far.

In other basketball news, earlier this evening New Orleans came away with the number 1 overall draft pick. With the Anthony Davis drama of a few months ago, and rumors of some sort of trade deal in the summer possibly happening, it’s almost like this was staged to really ramp up that drama. With AD, Jrue Holiday, and (probably) Zion Williamson together, it’d be a hard decision not to make a run for it next season with that setup and see what happens.

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