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April 19, 2016 • #

My podcast subscription library keeps growing. It’s been a while since I’ve shared anything about what I’m listening to regularly in my rotation. If I’m not listening to audiobooks, I’m keeping up with my podcast stream. Writing down this update of what I subscribe to is actually eye-opening. If I’d have guessed ahead of time, I’d have said I have about half this many subscriptions.

Here’s my current library as of early 2016, 36 feeds strong. I’ve broken it up by category, roughly organized in terms of my listening priority. For anyone wondering, there are only a handful I listen to every episode of, most I pick and choose as new shows are released. I listen to everything in Overcast.

Business & Technology

  • Exponent - One of my current favorites in the rotation, a show about tech business hosted by Ben Thompson. It’s his opportunity to expound on his writing on Stratechery. Membership to his Daily Update is worth every penny, and the podcast is a great side dish to the blog.
  • a16z Podcast - From Andreesen-Horowitz, the VC firm, covering trends in the tech business space. Always has excellent interviews, and their position in Silicon Valley gives them access to insightful guests. I always like their focus on startups in the enterprise space.
  • Track Changes - This is a newly-launched show from the guys at Postlight, Paul Ford and Rich Ziade. I’ve been reading Paul’s blog for years, and this show is a hilarious, enjoyable extension of the topics he’s always paid attention to in his writing.
  • Accidental Tech Podcast - One of the few I’ve heard every episode of. Marco Arment (developer of Overcast), Casey Liss, and John Siracusa talking about technology news, mostly. Can get pretty geeky, but they always have great discussion on what’s current in tech.
  • The Talk Show - Been reading Daring Fireball for years. This is the place to get the audio accompaniment to the blog.
  • Slack Variety Pack - Everyone uses Slack now. They launched this show which is a fun combination of interviews, stories, and discussions about teamwork in office environments.
  • Inside Intercom - Intercom is a platform for product support and marketing, but they’ve got a great blog that covers a lot on product development and business.
  • Product Hunt - Just recently subscribed to this one. The Product Hunt team talks to founders, investors, and product managers.

Geek Stuff

  • StarTalk Radio - Neil DeGrasse-Tyson and special guests talk about science, space, physics, and more.
  • Idle Thumbs - One of the few I’ve subscribed to since episode 1, the only show I listen to about games. I don’t even play video games at all anymore, but I still listen to Idle Thumbs every week.
  • Debug - Rene Ritchie and Guy English interview tech luminaries about software development. Often gets way deep on some detailed tech.
  • Reconcilable Differences - Merlin Mann and John Siracusa
  • Canvas - Federico Vittici’s podcast about mobile productivity. He’s the ultimate resource on the topic, uses his iPad for everything. His MacStories blog is also excellent.
  • Upgrade - A general technology news show with Jason Snell (formerly of MacWorld, now SixColors) and Myke Hurley.
  • Mac Power Users - Hosted by David Sparks and Katie Floyd with a rotation of guests and topics on Apple technology productivity.
  • Back to Work - Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin on productivity, work, and communication. And a bunch of other extraneous topics. Always a fun listen.
  • The Incomparable - One of the only geek culture shows I listen to. Roundtable discussions of movies, TV shows, and books.
  • Under the Radar - A show about mostly iOS development with Marco Arment and David Smith.

Culture & Stories

  • 99% Invisible - Roman Mars hosts short and sweet episodes on architecture, cities, and infrastructure design.
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History - Dan Carlin’s multi-episode series about different historical periods.
  • Here’s the Thing - Hosted by Alec Baldwin, an interview show with artists, politicians, public figures.
  • Radiolab - My personal favorite in this category. Audio documentaries about technology and science.
  • This American Life - A staple for years, probably for most podcast listeners.
  • Serial - A spinoff of This American Life. Longform stories told week by week, like a radio version of a TV miniseries.

News & Current Events

  • Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates - Debate show covering many diverse, complex topics.
  • PRI’s The World - The only general news show I listen to, only occasionally.
  • FiveThirtyEight Elections - I’ve gotten addicted to this lately during this wild election year. Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight crew on politics.
  • The Loopcast - The best show on security / international relations issues. Always great guests and informed discussion.


  • Effectively Wild - The daily podcast from Baseball Prospectus. I have no idea how these guys do a show every day, and it’s always worth listening to for baseball fans.
  • Howler Radio - The podcast associated with the quarterly soccer magazine, Howler. George Quraishi with guests, players, coaches.
  • Hot Takedown - FiveThirtyEight’s sports show.

Miscellaneous Others

  • Causality - A show that analyzes the causes and effects of disasters and accidents. Hosted by John Chidgey.
  • What’s The Point? - Another FiveThirtyEight show, this time stories about data.
  • Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast - A chance to get ideas about potential woodworking projects, even though I spend hardly anytime on this hobby. This keeps the dream alive.
  • Designer Notes - A show in the Idle Thumbs catalog. Interviews with game designers.
  • Liftoff - Jason Snell and Stephen Hackett. A show about space, aerospace news, physics, and more.

Until I put this list together and saw the feed URLs, I had no idea how many were hosted on Soundcloud these days.

For anyone masochistic enough to subscribe to all these shows in one mouse click (or finger tap), here’s my feed list OPML file.

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