Weekend Reading: Largest Islands, Linework, and Airline Mapping

December 22, 2018 • #

This week is some reading, but some simple admiring. I wanted to highlight the work of two cartographers I follow that is fantastic. We live in a great world that people can still make a living producing such work.

🏝 Hundred Largest Islands

A beautiful, artistic work from David Garcia sorting each island’s landmass by area. My favorite map projects aren’t just eye candy, they also teach you something. I spent half an hour on Wikipedia reading about a few of these islands.

🛩 On Airline Mapping

This is a project from cartographer Daniel Huffman using a combination of open datasets, projection twisting, meticulous design, and Illustrator skills. The finished product is really amazing. The attention to detail is stunning. I love the detailed step-by-step walkthrough on how it came together.

🗺 Project Linework

A library of vector graphics for cartographic design. Each one has a unique style and could be used in other products, since it’s public domain (awesome). This is another cool thing from Daniel Huffman.

Both of these guys do amazing work. Find more on their websites:

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