Weekend Reading: Exploring Zanzibar, Singapore of the Future, & Watching Basketball

December 1, 2018 • #

🇹🇿 Exploring Zanzibar with Mapillary

A fun travel post from the Mapillary team after FOSS4G in Dar es Salaam. A drive around Zanzibar collecting images for OpenStreetMap mapping. Also check out part 2 of the journey.

🇸🇬 City of the Future: Singapore

Singapore is an interesting experiment: a benevolent authoritarian government, small population, and limited geography to leverage and nurture. This documentary is a bit of a commercial for their plans for the future. Still some fun ideas that (if successful) other megacities could use to maintain quality of life with population growth.

🏀 How to Watch Basketball

This was a great explainer. I’ve only been seriously watching basketball a couple of years, and I was starting to figure out some of these techniques myself. It’s interesting to see how coaches and professional analysts approach watching a game.

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