NBA Season at the Halfway Point

January 9, 2019 • #

We’re right at the middle of the season, and this one’s been an exciting one so far. A couple teams at the top expected, a few others blew up out of nowhere. The Bucks in the east, Nuggets in the west, PG carrying OKC, Harden’s crazy streak the past month, Giannis’s nightly consistency, Embiid’s dominance. So many fun threads to follow.

I’m thoroughly enjoying League Pass again this year. I probably watch an average of 5-6 games a week, and sometimes more if there are good matchups and I have time. Between YouTube TV for the national broadcasts and League Pass for the others, I can watch anything. Unless there are specific noteworthy matchups, I’ll usually favor watching the Pelicans (Anthony Davis!), Bucks, Blazers, Raptors, or Sixers. I’d love to see the Bucks go deep into the playoffs. And of course the Lakers defying gravity and having LeBron carry them late into the post-season would be electric.

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