Places: Lake Natron

May 22, 2019 • #

Only geography nerds have NASA’s Earth Observatory feed set up in their RSS reader. On there a team from NASA share interesting images from around the world as they come in from the various earth observation satellite sensors in orbit.

I check out items as they come through the feed and will occasionally download my favorites to edit into wallpapers for my laptop or phone. One of the best ever that’s been the wallpaper-of-choice on my machine for the past year is this great shot of Tanzania’s Lake Natron:

Lake Natron

This one came from the Landsat 8 platform a couple of years ago. It’s a salt lake that sits in the East African Rift Valley and has a beautiful red tint that comes and goes with the blooms of “halophile” (I love that word, salt-loving) bacteria in the lake.

Lake Natron :: 02°25′S, 36°00′E

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