Elevate for Strava

August 29, 2019 • #

Jason turned me onto this Chrome extension for Strava data analysis called Elevate. It’s a pretty amazing tool that adds deep analytics on top of the already-rich data Strava provides natively as part of their Summit plan.

Elevate fitness curve

In addition to having its own metrics like this fitness/freshness curve, it overlays additional metrics into the individual activity pages on the Strava website. My favorite ones are this (which Strava has its own simpler version of) and the year-over-year comparison graph, which lets you see your progression in total mileage over time:

Elevate YoY comparison

I love to see the consistency this year reflected visually like this. I feel like I’m doing well staying on course for hitting my goals, and this cements it. I was surprised to see how well I was doing in 2017 before the health issues struck. My long term goal is to be able to exceed that trend in 2020 after making progress on the fitness front this year.

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