Weekend Reading: Cloud Services, Cities After the Virus, and Corona Care Map

March 28, 2020 • #

☁️ Value of Cloud Based Services in Times of Crisis

Bryan wrote this post about how Fulcrum is supporting the COVID response efforts.

🏙 Cities After Coronavirus

I speculated a bit about this sort of thing earlier this week. How might urban design change?

One of the most pressing questions that urban planners will face is the apparent tension between densification – the push towards cities becoming more concentrated, which is seen as essential to improving environmental sustainability – and disaggregation, the separating out of populations, which is one of the key tools currently being used to hold back infection transmission.

🗺 COVID Care Map

Some colleagues in the geo community are working on this project to map health care resources by region and facility. All of the code and work is in the open on GitHub.

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