Weekend Reading: Chess, COVID Tracking, and Note Types

March 21, 2020 • #


Tom MacWright on chess. Reduce distraction, increase concentration

Once you have concentration, you realize that there’s another layer: rigor. It’s checking the timer, checking for threats, checking for any of a litany of potential mistakes you might be about to make, a smorgasbord of straightforward opportunities you might miss. Simple rules are easy to forget when you’re feeling the rush of an advantage. But they never become less important.

Might start giving chess a try just to see how I do. Haven’t played in years, but I’m curious.

🧪 The COVID Tracking Project

The best resource I’ve run across for aggregated data on COVID cases. Pulled from state-level public health authorities; this project just provides a cleaned-up version of the data. There’s even an API to pull data.

✍🏼 Taxonomy of Note Types

Andy Matuschak’s notes on taking notes. This is from his public notebook, like reading someone thinking out loud (or on a screen at least).

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