Cycling Commute

July 26, 2019 • #

This week I tried out commuting on the bike, like I posted about earlier this week. It’s a comfortable, nice ride with a dedicated bike lane the whole way from my house, a block away from the Island Loop through Shore Acres and Snell Isle. I haven’t done any rides to the office from the new place yet; it’s a decent morning workout of about 6 miles when connecting up to the North Bay Trail route downtown.

There were some crazy summer thunderstorms all week long. I had originally intended to work in a Tuesday / Thursday plan for bike commutes each week, but Mother Nature screwed that up Thursday. Some weather came through during the day today, but I dodged it for the ride home.

A commute plan like this would add a solid 25+ miles of cycling weekly to my health routine. I want to at least try to keep this up through the summer before Elyse starts back at school.

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