Running Kit

June 12, 2019 • #

This year’s annual target for running (pinned at the 500 mile mark) has me trying to figure out my own personal flow — what it takes to get a consistent, comfortable process for building the habit. The number one factor consistency: making the appropriate time and not breaking the promise to myself is the foundation of being able to hit the target.

It’s also important to get your kit in place. One of the great things about running is its minimalistic nature. You truly need nothing but your own body and motivation to get started. As you get into it (and depending on your preferences for style), you eventually figure out a consistent set of gear that works for you.

Here’s my normal setup:

Running kit

This has been my consistent setup now for a few months for every run. I always have the AirPods and my watch on me, so there’s very little required to always have what I need. The headlamp has been a game-changer for night running, which I do a lot. Really makes me feel much safer even when running in the neighborhood.

I’ve really loved the Cloudflashes with their extreme lightweight build, minimal form factor, and still-decent support. Strava reports that I’m approaching the 300 mile mark on the shoes, and the wear is showing in the heel of the sole pretty bad. This week I ordered a pair of their new Cloudrush shoes that I should get in a couple of days that I’m excited to try out.

If you told me 5 years ago I’d be running 5K distances routinely like it was nothing, I’d have thought you were crazy. Now it’s a habit I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. Just goes to show that (for me) consistency, good gear, and some stretch goals can really change that perspective.

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