Book Light

July 10, 2020 • #

I do most of my nighttime reading with my Kindle, but lately I’ve been reading a couple of books that don’t exist in ebook format. I actually do prefer reading paper books as an experience, but I still favor the ebooks especially for highlighting, but also for the obvious benefits of portability and availability.

Most of the clip-on book lights out there are clunky and annoying. Years ago I had something called a LightWedge that was pretty clever, but too expensive, fragile, and heavy for regular use.

I went out looking for a simple, affordable option that also had no blue light, since that can interfere with sleep quality. I found this option from Hooga that’s quite nice so far:

Hooga book light

It’s a flexible, low-profile LED light that only has a single amber colored option (which is great). It charges via USB, and also flattens down nicely to fit in a bag when mobile or traveling. The clip on it works well. I just clamp it on to the back bunch of pages so it doesn’t interfere with page-turning. It stays out of the way but has a firm enough clip strength to stay on just fine.

Book light in action

Highly recommended so far. I’ve used it for several hours with no charging yet. Just what I wanted. For $10 it’s hard to beat.

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