Labor Day Update

September 7, 2020 • #

It’s been a minute since I put up an update on the kids. I thought Labor Day would be a good marker to put down a quick entry on what we’ve been doing.

Recently we started going to the neighborhood park again, which we hadn’t been to at all since the beginning of March. It’s sparsely used, never more than a couple of other kids there at the same time, typically, so it’s safe enough.

Last weekend I took the kids on a nature hike, a common time-with-dad activity. We went to Upper Tampa Bay Park, one of our old stomping grounds from when we were kids. I’d use the word “hike” generously, considering a large chunk of the trail was inundated from all the rain and high tide when we went. Found some fiddler crabs, saw plenty of birds, a few fish, and did our share of sweating out there.

Made ourselves some walking sticks Made ourselves some walking sticks

On an adventure On an adventure

I’m hoping to get to take them on more outdoor outings like this as the weather cools down. Usually we start getting reasonable temps around mid-October.

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