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Morning Out

October 12, 2020 • #

Today we did a morning out with the kids down at The Pier.

Elyse pier

The splash pad and playground they have down there are really top-notch, even though the playground is still mostly a bit out of range for Everett to do on his own. The whole area has been a great addition to the cityscape of downtown St. Pete, though. I’ve been doing runs down there a lot lately at night, a great extension of the run and turnaround point for my route.

Labor Day Update

September 7, 2020 • #

It’s been a minute since I put up an update on the kids. I thought Labor Day would be a good marker to put down a quick entry on what we’ve been doing.

Recently we started going to the neighborhood park again, which we hadn’t been to at all since the beginning of March. It’s sparsely used, never more than a couple of other kids there at the same time, typically, so it’s safe enough.

Last weekend I took the kids on a nature hike, a common time-with-dad activity. We went to Upper Tampa Bay...

Starting Kindergarten

August 24, 2020 • #

Today was Elyse’s first day of kindergarten. Not the way we imagined her starting her elementary school life, but here we are.

Our school has done their best to try to accommodate the return, but I remain extremely skeptical about how long this will be possible. We’re currently committed to a 9-week start online, after which the school will reassess what to do. At least for K-aged kids, this online learning the way the schools are equipped to do it is a mess and can’t work with the same format. 5+ hours of sitting at a computer with minimal breaks...

Father's Day

June 21, 2020 • #

I had a great, basic Father’s Day here at the house. Colette made breakfast and the kids made me some cards:

Father's Day cards

I got the chalkboard finished up and ready to hang tomorrow. We spent most of the day out in the backyard with pool, slide, and playing in the grass. An excellent day!

Father's Day

June 16, 2019 • #

I’m not a big holiday person, so I don’t think much about it when something like Father’s Day rolls around.

Simple morning with the kids doing breakfast, then I spent most of the day over at the old place getting it prepped for listing this week. Home Depot trips, painting, yard work, and power washing. Looking forward to getting that thing sold.

Elyse made me a great card this morning. She knows I love maps!

Elyse Father's Day card

Nine Months

April 15, 2016 • #

I haven’t written anything yet about becoming a dad. Let this be the first post of (hopefully) many chronicling the experience.

My daughter Elyse was born in July of 2015. She’s nine months old now, and doing fantastic. But this post isn’t really about what’s happened with her so far, that’s for my private journal. This is about my personal experiences so far with fatherhood.

When we decided to try for a baby I was excited, as excited as you can be when you have no idea what’s in front of you. I’m now a firm believer that no first-time...