Goal Progress: January

February 1, 2019 • #

This is the first year I set some goals on a few things. I’ve never been strongly goal-oriented, so I thought I’d put some stuff down to hold myself accountable and see if it helps build some healthy habits into my routine. Also, I thought it might be fun, as long as the goals were aggressive but attainable.

For the month of January, here’s how things stack up with each area. We’ve got my progress in the first column, the pace mark I should be at to keep on target, the total goal, and “plus-minus” is where I net out against the goal:

Activity Progress Pace Goal Plus-Minus
Running 41.77 miles 42.47 miles 500 miles -0.7
Meditation 340 minutes 320 minutes 3650 minutes +40
Reading 5 books 3.82 books 50 books +1.18

I ended January technically behind on running, but caught back up with a 4+ miler today.

I’m ahead of the pace on the other fronts. After 1 month it didn’t feel like a stretch to achieve any of them. Meditation is all about building it in and making the time. Running is about committing and not backing out even when I don’t feel like it. And reading more or less comes naturally, but it leaves little time for things like TV and whatnot. The running target has definitely felt the hardest to keep up with. Part of it was getting behind with a head cold the first week, but even without I’ve got to put in about 10 miles per week to make it happen. What that first week did was demonstrate how hard it is to catch back up after going 8 miles or so into the negative. Too many days missed (vacations, illness, other commitments) could really screw me up.

Pushing on into February.

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