Weekend Reading: Shanghai, Basecamp, and DocuSaurus

January 26, 2019 • #

🇨🇳 195-Gigapixel Photo of Shanghai

Shot from the Oriental Pearl Tower, the picture shows enormous levels of detail composited from 8,700 source photos. Imagine this capability available commercially from microsatellite platforms. Seems like an inevitability.

🏕 How Basecamp Runs its Business

I, like many, have admired Basecamp for a long time in how they run things, particularly Ryan Singer’s work on product design. This talk largely talks about how they build product and work as an organized team.

📄 Docusaurus

This is an open source framework for building documentation sites, built with React. We’re currently looking at this for revamping some of our docs and it looks great. We’ll be able to build the docs locally and deploy with GitHub Pages like always, but it’ll replace the cumbersome stuff we’ve currently got in Jekyll (which is also great, but requires a lot of legwork for documentation sites).