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Weekend Reading: Tagging with Turf, Mars Panorama, and Kinds of Easy

March 7, 2020 • #

🗺 turf-tagger

Bryan put together this neat little utility for merging point data with containing polygon attributes with spatial join queries. It uses Turf.js to do the geoprocess in the browser.

🚀 Mars Curiosity High-Res Panorama

Amazing photography of the Mars surface:

NASA’s Curiosity rover has captured its highest-resolution panorama yet of the Martian surface. Composed of more than 1,000 images taken during the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday and carefully assembled over the ensuing months, the composite contains 1.8 billion pixels of Martian landscape. The rover’s...

An Island Chain

October 24, 2019 • #

I’m an airplane window seat guy. So when on a flight with good views, I end up gazing out the window for most of the time and capturing my own aerial imagery.

Our Monday flight from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan took us over the Bahamas, so I got some nice scenery to look at during the trip. The first batch was over the centerline of the Bahamian chain, next over Turks and Caicos, then a gap of ocean north of Hispaniola until reaching Puerto Rico.

Here are some of the best shots, with captions for reference.

The Bahamas


Weekend Reading: Shanghai, Basecamp, and DocuSaurus

January 26, 2019 • #

🇨🇳 195-Gigapixel Photo of Shanghai

Shot from the Oriental Pearl Tower, the picture shows enormous levels of detail composited from 8,700 source photos. Imagine this capability available commercially from microsatellite platforms. Seems like an inevitability.

🏕 How Basecamp Runs its Business

I, like many, have admired Basecamp for a long time in how they run things, particularly Ryan Singer’s work on product design. This talk largely talks about how they build product and work as an organized team.

📄 Docusaurus

This is an open source framework for building documentation sites, built with React. We’re...

The Earth in 8K

January 17, 2019 • #

Mesmerizing, hypnotic video shot in 8K pointed straight down from an airplane. It looks like these were originally shot for Apple to use as their “Aerial” screensaver seen on Apple TV.

I could leave this on a loop in my office all day.


August 5, 2011 • #

Hipstamatic Afghanistan

Foreign Policy series of photos from Afghanistan, through Hipstamatic.

Also see their Hipstamatic photos of the Afghan War.

The women of Ski Dubai

May 14, 2010 • #

The women of SkiDubai

Women inside Ski Dubai facility. Dubai, UAE.

Burj Khalifa

May 14, 2010 • #

The Burj Khalifa

I took this shot back in January when I was in the UAE. Standing just outside the Dubai Mall on a foggy night.