Weekend Reading: Two Elites, DOS in VR, and Personal Brainstorming

May 23, 2020 • #

🏛️ A Tale of Two Elites

Martin Gurri on the growing similarities between west and east coast elites:

The effect, I suspect, will be the exact opposite of the reactionary dream. In wild and seedy digital gathering-places, far from any pretense of idealism, political discussion will inevitably grow more unfettered, more divisive, more violent. The attempt to impose Victorian standards of propriety on the information sphere will end by converting it into a vicious and unending saloon brawl. No matter how revolting the web appears at present – it can always get worse.


This is hilarious. Move through your virtual bedroom and sit down at your desk. Your DOS PC is waiting.

Reminds me of the “Virtual Reading” sketch from SNL many years ago1.

✍🏼 Brainstorming with Myself: Systemic Creativity in Roam

Robert Haisfield walks through some methods he uses in Roam to make sense of the decentralized, scattered information web to get creative work done. I use some similar methods to collect the distributed notes that have collected about a single topic, but queries would allow taking it to the next level.

  1. I can’t find the video anywhere online. We laughed endlessly at this one.