Res Extensa

September 29, 2020 • #

I’ve finally joined the newsletter club! Today I sent out the first issue of a new project, a bi-weekly email newsletter called Res Extensa.

My intent right now is for the newsletter to be a less-frequent companion to the blog, with some highlights of recent things I’ve been reading, writing, or interested in.

Res Extensa

As I wrote in the email, I once had an RSS-to-email setup using Mailchimp, for folks who wanted to subscribe to the blog without RSS. It’s a bit clunky, and since I started the daily blogging routine, an overload for inbox delivery.

The name comes from Descartes’s concept of mind-body dualism, as half of a pair of substances: res cogitans and res extensa — translated roughly to “thinking substance” and “extended substance,” respectively. I guess it’s a fitting name; all of the things that extend from my thinking.

If you’re interested in subscribing, head over to the Substack and check it out!

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