June 25, 2020 • #

Deus Ex is still one of my favorite games of all time. First played dozens of times when first released, and every few years I still break it back out to stroll through the dystopian visions of Hell’s Kitchen, Hong Kong, and Liberty Island.


Probably a decade ago or more I found the original ambient synth soundtrack mp3s and still give it a listen once in a while, which sends me straight back to 20 years ago, sitting at the PC at 2am.

The composer of the original soundtrack, Alex Brandon, just recently produced a remix album called Conspiravision, with most of the tracks revamped. You can even get it on vinyl in August1.

That 10 minute long UNATCO theme really brings back the memories.

  1. Man, a world where you can get a 20 year old video game soundtrack re-release on vinyl is weird and fantastic. 

Image credits: Alexander Brandon

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