Places: Great Slave Lake

June 7, 2019 • #

Our place for today I found via NASA’s Earth Observatory feed: the Great Slave Lake of the Canadian Northwest Territory.

The Great Slave Lake

While it’s a big body of water when you pan over it on the map, it’s size is hard to fathom when compared to other geographic features:

If you are traveling on Canada’s Great Slave Lake, you will notice one characteristic right away: it is enormous. Roughly the size of Belgium, it ranks in the top fifteen largest lakes worldwide. It is the deepest lake in North America, diving about 615 meters (2,020 feet)—almost the same extent as the world’s second tallest building, the Shanghai Tower.

It’s strange to imagine that you could be on a body of water that’s oceanic in size, miles out of sight of land, but in the middle of the remote Canadian wilderness. The glaciated scarring of the Simpson Islands on the east side must be truly impressive in person. Massive rocks and hundreds of tiny islands dotting the deep water.

I would bet that, if polled, most people would have no idea that 2 of the 10 largest lakes in the world are in Canada. The Great Bear Lake further north is even larger!

The Great Slave Lake :: 61°40' N, 114° W

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