2018 in Review

December 31, 2018 • #

2018 was a good year, both personally and professionally. Rather than a long-winded post about everything that happened, here’s a brief summary of accomplishments, major events, family stuff, and travel.


  • Read 43 books. Check out my favorites of 2018: part 1, part 2.
  • Traveled to NYC, San Francisco, Atlanta, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, St. Augustine, and Boston.
  • Ran 214 miles in 66 separate runs. (This one is particularly special to me. Since I had two major abdominal surgeries in August and October 2017, with a 12” scar running down my belly, I’m glad I’ve been able to push and get back up to pre-surgery pace.)
  • Completed immunotherapy treatment in November. Clear scans mean I’m on “maintenance” for the foreseeable future, with scans every 3 months for now. Probably the best “accomplishment” of the year!
  • Wrote a post per day here since October 4th. 88 days in a row.
  • Began practicing mindfulness once a day. Going strong the last month and enjoying it.


  • Everett turned 1, started crawling at 8 months, climbing at 10 months, walking at 11 months (yes, he was climbing ladders and stools before walking 🤷🏽‍♂️).
  • Elyse turned 3, started school 3 days a week, and switched to a new school 5 days a week. She loves every second of it.
  • Colette and I celebrated our 10th anniversary!


  • We reached over 1800 customers of Fulcrum. It’s been used by customers in 180 countries. Zooming back to when we launched the platform in 2011, I never thought we’d achieve what we have so far (and it feels like we’re just getting it figured out).
  • We brought on 33 new people — now up to 53, across 11 states.
  • I wrote 7 posts on our blogs — my favorites: on the benefits of SaaS, our DroneDeploy integration, and on creating lookup tables with Fulcrum.
  • Late in the year I’ve been getting back into cartography. Hoping to keep that effort alive in 2019.
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