San Jose

February 4, 2019 • #

We just touched down in San Jose this afternoon, here for the SaaStr Annual conference. An uneventful flight through LAX, arriving around 1pm local time here in California. One of my favorite things about westbound travel is the ability to get here with enough time to check things out the same day.

San Jose, California

As I like to do with a new city, I got out on the road for a run to explore a little. The Guadalupe River runs through downtown San Jose right near where I’m staying. Even though the weather was not playing nice, there was a clear spell before sunset so I decided to get a couple miles in and check things out.

Guadalupe River

The river was just about to bust over the bank, with the rain rushing northward toward San Francisco Bay. The cold and my lack of preparation for a wet run cut me a little short, but it was nice to get the opportunity right when I got here. If one of the mornings in the next couple days yields nice weather, I’ll be out there for sure.

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